I’m a Big Kid Now!

When I was younger I ruminated a great deal on what Adulthood would be like. It seemed to me, in all my young wisdom, that Adulthood was less an ongoing process of maturation and more a destination. I was convinced that once I was all grown up my problems would fewer, simpler, and I would know how to handle them with flawless grace.

I was so right.

Ha! Are you nauseous yet? The truth is, I may not be kidding. Being a kid was very frustrating for me. I couldn’t control who I allowed in my life (my school was not chosen but rather appointed due to where my house was, and I didn’t have luxury of being selective about which family members I saw regularly), I didn’t have any smarter, wiser peers to discuss my problems with, and I didn’t yet have the ability to look past my problems and realize that, in the grand scope of things, they weren’t really that big a deal.

As an adult, though…the problems are different, the friendships are different, and life as a whole is a lot more manageable. To me, right now, at the ripe old age of 23, Adulthood is:

  • Being able to turn off my cell phone, shut down my computer, and be invisible from everyone for as long as I want to.
  • Having the ability to evaluate a problem in relation to all the other problems I’ve ever faced and overcome, thereby determining whether it’s really worth the fuss.
  • Adopting a puppy, naming him, and training him to be ok with wearing his toys on his head.
  • Working at a job that pays me enough to enable me to buy whatever I gosh darn want.
  • Living with a man who makes me laugh, smile, dance, scream, shriek, cook, and relax.
  • Eating cold leftover fried rice an hour before I’m supposed to make dinner because I’m hungry now, gosh dang it, and don’t want to cook while famished.
  • Scheduling the payment of bills a month in advance so that, when I see them being withdrawn from our account in perfect synchronized order, I can smile and feel like a monetary puppetmaster.
  • Setting the thermostat to whatever temperature I want and not having to get permission first.
  • Feeling vaguely anxious about what the future holds, but knowing that as long as I have my husband at my side it will be fine.

Alright, now your turn. Adulthood is…

3 thoughts on “I’m a Big Kid Now!

  1. Hmm….according to your definition, I am not yet an adult, because I cannot buy whatever I want, and can’t turn up the thermostat, because it costs too much money! =(

  2. -Hamburglar, I KNOW!!!

    -Del, You could if you wanted to, but choose not to because it’s too expensive, yes? You’re all growed up too, maybe too growed up…?

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