In Absentia

My my my, aren’t we getting fancy whipping out Latin and all for the title of this post!  Shall we allow it?  Let’s consult the judge:

Happy Aidan 23 weeks old 1

He says my Latin is rusty and provincial at best, but he’ll allow it.

All silliness aside, this post is going to have to serve as my online presence for the better part of next week, as Wes and I are packing up the baby and getting the heck out of Dodge.  By which I mean we’re going on vacation for a week.

Wes’ parents have, wonder of wonders, been able to find a rental vacation house east of here that’s large enough to afford every one of their four kids and five grandkids enough room to exist comfortably side by side for a week.  This was no easy task, and we’re all looking forward to filling up that house with as much food, laughter, and merriment as we can.

That said, I’ll likely be too busy cavorting in the sun and thwacking tennis balls to hunch over a laptop and screed out my innermost thoughts and wishes “Dear Diary” style.  I wish you all a fabulous week, and I’ll see you on the flip (and likely sunburned) side!

2 thoughts on “In Absentia

  1. How great for the whole family to be able to get together like that, and for everyone’s schedule to line up to allow it!

    Have fun (and of course, you will be missed).

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