In Her Honor

My great grandmother and mother holding me when I was about six months old.

My great grandmother passed away last night.  I found out this morning, and I’ve been mulling over her life all day.  Her name was Eugenie and she was a beautiful woman.  Born in 1909, she grew up in Russia.  She moved to Shanghai with her family, and in 1934 she met and married her husband.

World War Two necessitated that she flee Shanghai with their two sons, and they ended up in Australia.  Her husband stayed behind and they lost touch during the war.  When the war was over, she and her sons moved again to San Francisco, where she lived until her death.

She was a great cook, a devoted volunteer with the Russian Orthodox Church, and a talented seamstress.  I have a cookbook of her recipes, and Wes and I enjoy preparing the recipes she perfected over the years.  I remember that she made really legendary pickles, and every time I’d call her she’d always respond to whatever I said with, “That’s wonderful, darling!”  I can hear her voice in my head even now.

She was over one hundred years old, and her passing eased years of suffering, but it’s always hard when someone you love, a part of your family, is gone.  I do look forward to seeing her again in Heaven someday though.

Anyway, if you’re into Russian food maybe have a bowl of borscht or dig into some pelmeni in my Great Grandmother’s honor, huh?

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  1. My condolences. It sounds like she lived an amazing life. A lot of living can be packed into 101 years, and it seems like she did.

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