Incandescent Glee

I knew it was going to be a good day when a completely random stranger threw an impromptu party for me in a busy intersection today.

I was cruising along this morning, blissed out in the transcendentally spacey sounds of early Radiohead (I’ve very recently fallen back in love with their Amnesiac album) when a light turned red and ruined all my fun. It’s infinitely easier to lose yourself to Radiohead when the car’s moving and you can relax a bit.

When the light turned green, I saw a car ahead of me, in the other lane and one car up, start moving and I quickly followed suit when out of nowhere there floated through the car’s sunroof RED BALLOONS!

Right there, in the middle of a busy urban intersection, these balloons freed themselves from whatever burden was keeping them down and they paraded past my eyes in a fit of jubilant, bouncing, bright and cheery freedom. It honestly looked like the car was so excited and happy to exist that it simply could not contain itself any longer and just burst forth with brightly colored, helium-filled latex.

I grabbed for my camera but before I could snap any satisfactory evidence the driver of the car had successfully wrestled his charges back into the safety of his car and the only thing left to photograph was a tennis shoe balanced artfully on a fire hydrant. While that certainly would have been interesting, it was not nearly as interesting as my portable party so I declined to photograph it for posterity. After all, a photograph may be worth a thousand words, but if all those words are boring (or have already been said) there’s really no point.

2 thoughts on “Incandescent Glee

  1. What a fabulous thing to see on a morning commute!

    (Of course, Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” popped into my head when I saw RED BALLOONS, so that brightens my day too.)

  2. -Mrs. Higrens, I’m so glad it brightened your day too! I’ve had that song stuck in my head for what feels like an eternity at this point so I’m glad I could share that particular joy as well! Maybe now it’ll leave my head for awhile :)

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