Inception of a Busy Week

I wish I could re-live yesterday.  Just for the sheer relaxation of it.  Wes’ parents loaded Aidan up into their car and took him home with them after church on Sunday, thereby liberating Wes and I to spend the whole day together.

We ate brunch outside at the Cheesecake Factory and we spent a whole solid hour and a half doing so.  We languished.  We luxuriated.  We ate with both hands.

After that, we strolled around in the sunshine.  We stumbled across a local arts festival, and spent an hour perusing the booths.  Some people are seriously talented, you guys.  One of our favorite artists combined different kinds of wood in alternating patterns to make large multi-hued sculptures that made it look like the two trees had chosen to twine together to form shapes like 16th notes, treble clefs, and others.

We also found an artist who painted brilliantly-colored abstract paintings accessorized by tiny little stick figures dashed off in black.  The effect was enchanting, and I found myself wishing I had a few extra thousand dollars lying around with which to purchase armloads of his paintings.

I would’ve taken pictures to share, but they all had pretty stringent NO PICTURES ALLOWED policies and I was loathe to get on the wrong side of a well-aimed painter’s pallet.

After the arts festival, we took in a showing of Inception.  We’d heard from numerous friends that the movie was mind-blowing, and thought it sounded like fun.  After all, it kind of seems like Leonardo DiCaprio can do no wrong lately.

I wasn’t disappointed.  I tried not to go into the theatre expecting sheer brilliance, because that’s a one-way ticket to failure, but I was expecting something pretty good.  And it was.

I thought the acting was deft, the visual effects mesmerizing, and the pacing suitable.  My only quibble with the movie is with the storyline, because I feel like the storyline is almost too insignificant to carry the heft of the intellectual implications and spectacular visuals.  But really, that’s a very small quibble indeed, because it never got in the way of my ability to enjoy the movie.

So there you have it.  I’m refreshed, relaxed, and as ready as I’m going to be for this week, which culminates in a gigantic party I’m throwing for Wes’ 30th birthday.  There will be fresh mini donuts (I found a local vendor who’s going to come out and make fresh mini donuts), a pinata (which Wes will hit with a samurai sword), and tons of BBQ food.

If posting is a bit light this week, that’s why.  Rest assured, though, I’ll be back next week with pictures!

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