Incorrigible Cobwebs!

That fateful hour is upon us. In 24 hours we’ll be sitting on a gigantic plane waiting to begin our journey to Israel. Our bags will be packed, our house will be in pieces (because of the remodel), our puppy will be in the care of a licensed dog boarding facility, and our computers will lay dormant and abandoned.

We’re not bringing our computers with us to Israel so we’ll be effectively cut off from our comfortable digital world. I’m feeling the tiniest bit anxious as I consider my poor little blog sitting here, devoid of new content, gathering cobwebs without me.

While we’re off adventuring I’ll be armed with my camera and fine eye for the absurd. I’ll post a ton of pictures when I get back and be sure to share some of the more choice stories from our adventures. We’ll be swimming in the Dead Sea, strolling the ancient streets of Jerusalem, sailing the Sea of Galilee, and visiting so many places I can barely keep them straight in my head.

For now, though, there will be silence on this blog. Some of my posts will be published at Qvisory during the next few weeks and you can look to the left to see which ones are up. So, ta-ta for now, I’ll see you on the other side of Jerusalem!

2 thoughts on “Incorrigible Cobwebs!

  1. Thank you! Won’t you be sad to miss me coming in to work zonked out of my mind because of jet lag? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

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