Despite how I may have made it sound in previous posts, I generally like my job. I enjoy interviews (both asking the questions and merely observing) and I like offering people jobs they are really excited about. There’s something very satisfying in extending a job offer to someone and listening to them try to remain professional when they really just want to yell out “WOO HOO!!”

I have found, however, that I am a little too personable during interviews and as such have had to work on putting a more professional foot forward. When I first started interviewing people I was appalled at how many people talked to me about non-job-related things. I have had candidates talk to me about their issues with their parents, failed relationships, the traffic in 4 different states (and counting!), and what they like to do on the weekends.

Just Wednesday I had a candidate regale me with tales of voters who caught themselves on fire, managers who smoked crack pipes in the parking lot during breaks, and escapist buttons. This was all in one interview! The funny thing is we might actually hire the guy.

When I first started interviews and listened to these tragic people and their problems, I thought to myself ‘Is no one professional anymore? Who talks about this crap during an INTERVIEW?!’. As the pattern started to solidify, however, I had no choice but to draw the conclusion that it was highly unlikely that all these people were unbalanced and possibly disturbed. It was far more likely that I, being the common factor, was the source of this lunacy. I resolved to be less friendly and since then have encountered far fewer personal issues and drama (with the exception of Mr. Buttons).

This all serves to reinforce for me that someday I need to be a therapist. Since I seem to be able to make people feel comfortable enough to tell me all their issues upon first meeting I might as well be getting paid to do it. I have deepened my resolve to someday return to graduate school and obtain my Master’s in Counseling. Maybe after our kids are in school full-time Wes will let me go back to school. As for now, though, I can’t stomach the thought of another $40,000 in student loans. Blech!

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