It’s a Blogwarming party!

So here we are.  The first post on my new blog.  I have to say, it feels a little weird typing my blog post on WordPress (my new CMS) as opposed to Blogger (my old CMS).  It feels good, though.  Exciting.  New.

I was telling Wes today (during the laborious 12 hour process of getting everything set up here) that my new blog feels a lot like a new house.  It’s like I got the keys when my Dad registered my domain name for me and I moved in today.  My room is unpacked, the bed is made, and the kitchen is unpacked enough for me to be able to cook dinner.

But.  There are still boxes in untold corners of the house just waiting to be unloaded, my garage is still full of that stuff you accumulate but can never seem to find room for in the house, and I haven’t figured out how the thermostat works.

You see, my blog looks really freaking awesome.  I have my (surprisingly HTML and CSS-savvy) husband to thank for that.  He made a ton of progress today and I can safely say that I have the coolest blog I’ve ever seen.

Even with this said, however, we still have a lot of other stuff we want to do with this blog.  There are more colors to be changed, sidebars to figure out, and more fun gizmos to explore.  So, even though I’ve officially moved into this blog, there are still some changes ahead.

I apologize for the (seriously over-stretched metaphor) unpacked boxes, but I’m still just too darn excited about my new digs to keep quiet any longer.  With a blog this pretty, wouldn’t you be?!

4 thoughts on “It’s a Blogwarming party!

  1. Congratulations on new blog! Much easier to comment on. Yay!

    (My only, very small, niggle: white type on grey background very hard to read!

    See you son……

  2. -Working Girl, I’m so glad you like it! I totally agree about the white type on gray background. That’s kind of the thermostat we haven’t figured out how to fix yet :)

  3. -Mrs. Higrens, Thank you very much! This is his birthday gift to me and he’s pleased as punch about how it turned out. He has a lot of big plans yet to come for the design but I think the progress he made is not bad :)

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