I’ve Got Dorothy Beat By A Mile

Oooooh my goodness. We’re leaving on Saturday and I’m so excited that I’m practically dancing in my seat. I will officially be the least productive person in the building this week, fo sho. Even if I weren’t already in Mexico (mentally, that is) there wouldn’t be much to do anyway so there’s no harm done. My manager is out town for the next month and my other manager decided to assign me some busy work that he will never a) be truly satisfied with and b) be able to rationally justify anyway so I’m just going to sit here and imagine the warm sun on my face.

Another reason I’m so wired is that we had a good weekend too. I’m practically glowing from the inside I’m so happiness-hung-over from the weekend. On Saturday we (meaning me, Wes, Wes’ mother, and Wes’ grandfather) took a voyage to CarToys and got Wesley his Christmas present from his parents and me: a CD player for his car and new speakers! His old speakers sounded a lot like when you try to make a telephone as kid, using two soup cans and some string, and then you and your brother/sister/invisible friend stand far enough apart that the string gets taut but instead of getting taut the knot you tied at the end of the string to hold it inside the soup can pulls right through and you get so frustrated because the hole you cut is too big and no way could you tie a knot big enough to keep the string inside so instead you throw the whole stupid contraption away and use the walkie talkies your grandparents gave you for your birthday instead even though they’re so much less like a cool handmade phone (screw you, Bill Nye!). Yeah, you know, like that?

The new speakers sound wonderful and the CD player is a vast improvement over the radio/cassette tape player that was there before (the radio display was broken so Wes just had to kind of guess which station he was on. He never mentioned that sad fact and I never knew until one day I had to borrow his car. Such a trooper!). I watched Wes drive Skippy (his car) away after everything was installed and he was bouncing and singing away. I love giving gifts that make people joyful, it makes me tingle to my toes!

Then, on Sunday, Wes and I had a lot of fun in very different ways. Wes went to the Seahawks game with his brother and sister-in-law and the Seahawks totally kicked butt. Wes had a lot of fun watching the game and came home in a great mood.

While Wes was watching football, I got to go shopping. I am not known for my spectacular spending abilities (I’m really more known for my post-money-spending anxiety attacks) but the stars must have aligned perfectly because I bought a lot of stuff. Like a super-cute skirt to wear in Mexico and a bathing suit that doesn’t look like I borrowed it from my grandmother. I also bought some makeup essentials (like foundation, lipstick, and lip-liner) that I’ve always been too frightened to buy for fear of making the wrong selection. I was in the drug store and I decided that I’m a grown woman now and I’m not afraid of cosmetics! So I bought them and, let me just say, Wes is going to be very surprised and happy to see me all prettied up for dinner on our anniversary. Mee-yeow!

The coup d’etat of the weekend was, however, the shoes. The decadent, impractical, glorious shoes I found at Ross. Oh. My. Goodness. They are 4” tall (yep, with those puppies on I am a staggering {literally} 6’ 2”), red, and so pleasing to look at. They do beautiful things to my calves and make my feet look like sculptures. Honestly, even if I could never wear them it would please me just to look at them. When I do wear them I just have to walk very slowly. Wes found it very funny how over the moon I was about the shoes but he told me, “Honey, if they make you this happy get ‘em in black, too!”. *Sigh*, such a husband have I! It was a busy weekend and it’s going to be a busy week (except at work, of course) but when it’s all said in done we shall be in Mexico with make-up and SHOES and it’s going to be awesome. I’ve posted a picture of them below so that you, too, can revel in the glory that is 4” heels. For my part, I’ll just be here trying not to combust in the office.

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