Just a Dash of Hoopla

For those of you who don’t know my Dad, let me just tell you what you need to know: He’s awesome. He can whip up a gourmet dinner, make a homemade firecracker, and give you excellent financial advice all at the same time and make it look effortless. He’s one heck of a guy.

He’s also stealthy, and decidedly against hoopla, but given that he did something amazingly cool for me yesterday I figure a little hoopla is permissible. I’ll schedule my marching band of circus midgets for another occasion and just stick to this blog post. For now. I may want those midgets around later, though, so be ready for that.

I was chatting with my Dad on the phone yesterday and he was asking me about my blogging aspirations. My most fervently held career goal at this moment is to become a mommy blogger someday. A mommy blogger is one who writes a popular blog and earns income from said blog and also from guest writing gigs on the side.

Essentially, I’d be getting paid to hang out with my kids all day and write about all the funny things that ensue. It’s the perfect job.

We were discussing such titans of the mommy blogging world as Dooce and Amalah, and he asked how I planned to achieve said goal of becoming a mommy blogger. I explained to him my game plan:

  • Register own domain name (ParsingNonsense.com)
  • Design custom blog layout that’s pretty
  • Buy Typepad account in the future when I need more bandwidth
  • Grow popular enough to merit having people pay to advertise on my blog? This one I can’t really plan, I just have to hope it happens someday and work as hard as I can to see it through.

It was as I was explaining my game plan that he said, “Done.” I inquired what he was done with, and then he informed me that he’d just registered that domain name for me. Win!!! A very early birthday present for me, ParsingNonsense.com is now mine.

This land breaking (for me, anyway) first step taken, I’m now free to boldly venture into the land of CSS and custom blog layouts. It costs money to hire a professional, but my fantastically wonderful (and handsome, and funny) husband has offered to put his considerable graphic design skills to works for me and do some preliminary design work for my new blog!

I’m thinking midgits, Labradors, martinis, and shoes. That sounds just about apropos to me.

6 thoughts on “Just a Dash of Hoopla

  1. Yay yay! Cant wait to visit parsingnonsense.com. Please tell your dad that he totally rocks and thinks of the best present ever!Wish you all the success, I am sure goal 4 will come true.

  2. -Perception, Thanks for saying so! My Dad is a pretty awesome dude and I’ll make sure he reads your comment :) If you go to parsingnonsense.com now you can actually read my blog there. Pretty cool, huh?

  3. Erika,

    Got to know about the “Comment deleted” email me. Am I an a….e or something?


  4. -Dad, You’re nothing but wonderful. The deleted comment was a test comment done by me to check if Blogger was working properly. It was, but then I had to delete my test comment :)

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