Kangaroo Puppy!

This was definitely not a do-over kind of weekend. It was full to the brim and busy but was not unpleasant and for that I’m grateful.

On Saturday Wes and I made waffles and then I proceeded to embark on a series of chores that normally takes me about 4 hours to complete and completed them in about 3. We were expecting our nieces to come over and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t preoccupied (I’m the kind of person who does well at multi-tasking as long the tasks I’m juggling are work tasks. Ask me to juggle work and play tasks and I will fail at the fun. Wes knows that if he wants me to relax he’s got to let me finish my work first or I get a little crabby).

So, yes, our nieces came over for a couple hours and it was really fun. We played with Doc and went to the park and Caroline and Kaylie (adorable nieces) taught the puppy how to go down the slide. It was really funny. Once he got over his fear the first time it was tough getting him to not go down the slide. We also acted out the classic “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” tale. I told that story to my nieces once about a year ago and they have been hooked ever since. I could tell them that story three times in a row and they would want to hear it again. Apparently that story is…drumroll please…just right!

The one thing I’m struggling with right now is Doc’s jumping. He will jump on anyone, anytime, with or without food and it drives me crazy. It’s so rude and I absolutely cannot abide by rudeness in my puppy (or my husband, for that matter). It’s especially bad with my nieces because he’s already as big as they are (and weighs about as much as Kaylie) so when he jumps up, it’s down they go. I’m frustrated and brainstorming different ways to discourage this behavior but it’s tough. He must be part kangaroo…

On Sunday Wes and I slept in, made biscuits, and then went to church. It was a neat treat because Wes normally plays in the worship band and so we usually drive separately on Sundays. We actually don’t drive anywhere together very often so it was a rare pleasure.

After church, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for brunch (oh yes, it was delicious) and then I went to a baby shower. It was very pleasant and I got to hold the little baby for a good long while and that made me very happy. I also got to try eating ice cream one-handed, that was a neat trick!

Then Wes and I went home and he mowed the lawn and I made really good food. Oh! He also bought me a pumpkin candle which pleases me no end. I’ve had a craving for yummy smells and we went to three stores before we found the perfect pumpkin smell (I abhor spending money so if I’m going to buy something it had better be good). It’s now sitting on our kitchen table and making my nose happy.

The thing I liked most about this weekend is I felt I got to do it all. I got to relax, clean, spend time with family, shop, and have fun time with Wes. I sometimes feel squished, like there’s not enough space for me amidst the tasks of my life, but there was space me for too this weekend.

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