Kermit’s Mullet

Guess who’s back from his reconstructive surgery stay! Kermit, my trusty Kia car, is back from the autobody shop and he looks spiffing. His front end is shiny, black, and decidedly un-smashed. It’s funny, though, because now the rest of him looks a lot less shiny by comparison and he’s kinda the automotive equivalent of the mullet: he’s polished up front but a party in the back.

Wes and I returned the rental car together (we have both come to the decision that we’re not Dodge fans. Also, I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t wreck the rental) and I had a terrific shock when I recognized the sales manager helping us out at the rental place.

His face looked really familiar but I couldn’t quite come up with his name. I mentioned this to Wes while the guy was on the phone and Wes recommended that I look at the business cards to see if I recognized a name. I did.

The moment my eyes flicked over his name I knew exactly who he was: I’d interviewed him for a job when I was a recruiter. We didn’t hire him based on the results of his interview with me. It was weird, the moment I read his name I remembered where he went to school, what his GPA was, and every impression I had of him from his interview.

It was…odd. He didn’t seem like he recognized me, and I wasn’t about to remind him that I’d interviewed him a year ago and decided not to hire him, so we escaped the situation without any awkwardness. Regardless, it was a very strange position to be in.

When you interview someone, it’s a whole different ball of wax from when you’re the one getting interviewed. I always tried to establish rapport with the people I interviewed, and not be a total jerk about the situation, but you can’t escape the fact that your opinion decides whether or not this person gets the job. This fact permeates the whole interview, and your conversation can never seem to escape that reality.

For my part, I’m just glad the guy either doesn’t have a freak memory like I do or doesn’t hold a grudge. Besides, if he had gotten the job he would have had to work with one of the worst bosses of all time. Believe me, he lucked out.

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