Kings of Meh-on

Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with Kings of Leon? For those of you unfamiliar, Kings of Leon is a rock group. A mediocre rock group. A rock group who may have the most powerful marketing team in the world at their disposal. To wit:

Wes and I went to see U2 about two years ago. Kings of Leon opened for them and did a meh job. I mean, it’s not too hard to get a crowd riled up at a U2 concert. Everyone’s paid through the nose for their tickets so they’re determined to have a good time with or without your help, if you know what I mean.

Kings of Leon, though…I couldn’t help feeling incredibly nonchalant about their whole performance. Their songs were…there, their stage skills were not atrocious, their onstage banter was fine, the whole thing was just blah.

Why is this even an issue? Because they opened up for freaking U2. U2!!! I bet you anything that, given the chance, hundreds of other bands would have cutting one another and working themselves into a fit of ambition to open for U2. You’d think this would ensure that whoever earned the honor would be the best and brightest the music industry had to offer, right?

Wrong. We were stuck with Kings of Leon (luckily, U2 made up for it with a thoroughly enjoyable performance.)

The next exhibit I bring before you, the jury, is a bit of gossip I read on MSN. It was detailing Drew Barrymore’s makeout session with some young boy-child at a concert. The article went on to detail that it was a Kings of Leon concert. The article then grew so specific as to name the song that was playing while they were supposedly making out.

That is the first time I’ve ever read a gossip item with that much strategic detail.

All this leads me to believe that the marketing geniuses assigned to the task of making Kings of Leon successful are brilliant and ambitious. They have literally made it impossible for many people to not know who this band is. The Universe has conspired to make this band successful whether people actually want to listen to their music or not.

In reaction, I’ve decided to not like them. I was thoroughly meh about them anyway, but I refuse to like a song just because some marketing genius let it slip to a gossip columnist that Drew Barrymore liked making out to a Kings of Leon song. I refuse to bow to the whims of string-pulling marketers everywhere.

I may be your puppet, sinister marketing geniuses, but I will not dance for you this time. Not this time.

4 thoughts on “Kings of Meh-on

  1. Hmm…I have never heard of these kings you speak of. Of course I tend not to notice mediocre musicians, especially if they get publicity for no reason.

  2. -Del, Good. It’s definitely in your best interest to keep not noticing them. I just can’t figure out why everyone else seems to be noticing them so much!

  3. You want the opening act to suck to make U2 look better.

    Lately, U2 has needed consistently worse bands to open for them.

  4. -Matt, That’s an interesting take on the matter. U2 is so huge, and so good in performance, that it seems unnecessary to try to make them look better by default. Personally, I thought their concert was enjoyable and well worth the money. I take it from your comment, though, that you think U2 is getting worse with age, much like a carton of milk. Is it their music you dislike more?

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