Knock Knock, Winter Calling

Here we are, winter has officially started. I have no idea when winter “officially” starts, but for me it always begins with the first snow. Today was Doc’s first experience with the cold stuff and he was very excited. He kept snuffling at it and when it went up his nose he would snort it out and start over again. Silly puppy.
He looks so skinny in these pictures! We’re not starving him, it’s just that he was only allowed to eat 1/4 of the amount that he normally eats because of his surgery yesterday. Don’t worry, when he came back inside we gave him a nice big breakfast. As you can see, he was really feeling fragile this morning. Ha! He’s acting like his normal Doc self. He whines every now and then but he’s running, jumping, and playing (exactly like we’re not supposed to let him do) and generally being a crazy pup. The vet says he should be all healed up in 10-14 days. I give him 5. This dog is unsinkable.

One thought on “Knock Knock, Winter Calling

  1. O boy!! he looks so cute. I wish i was there to see him so happy. He does look skinny though, but I bet its only for a few days. Mum is going to give him lotsa goodies and love. Have a g8 weekend!!

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