Laughing At My Own Expense

If you’ve ever watched TV with me, you’ve noticed that there are certain things I find irresistibly funny. These things are, in no especial order:

· People falling down
· Puppets
· Anthropomorphic animals doing humorous things (e.g. The Super Bowl commercial with the screaming animals)

If we’re watching TV and I burst into a staccato of uncontrollable laughter those are your best bets as to why. Truly, nothing tickles my laughter reflex more than someone falling down. There was once an episode on House, M.D. where someone tampered with House’s cane and he fell down in the middle of a hallway. I laughed so hard that Wes had to pause the show (after rewinding it and letting me watch it a couple more times) until I had regained my composure.

As funny as it is to watch people fall down on TV (except on Scrubs. I think that most of the falls on that show are too theatrical to be funny) it’s even better when someone falls down in real life. My favorite victim for this is myself, hands down, no doubt about it. When I fall (which is more often than you’d think) it is not uncommon for me to be laughing about the incident for years to come.

You see, I’m very tall and as such have long arms, long legs, and a long torso. There’s a lot of long going on over here but without a whole lot of coordination. Additionally, all this height means that when I fall, I fall for a long time. Luckily, I’m quite bouncy (much like an infant) and have yet to be seriously injured.

The only thing that gets injured when I fall is my pride and luckily I fall enough that it’s toughened up considerably. My pride has gotten a lot of experience with being battered lately.

Why, in the past year alone I’ve fallen down a flight of stairs (thereby damaging the gift I was attempting to bring to Wes {I still can’t tell that story without laughing out loud}), fallen up a flight of concrete stairs (I still have a mysterious bump on my shin from that one), slipped and fallen on the puppy (it was icy and I was wearing Wes’ loafers), and just two nights ago I crashed into the laundry basket in our room and irreparably damaged our camera battery charger.

The reason I share this is that, on the off chance that one of you out there enjoys people falling down as much as I do, these recollections might just make you smile. Man, just writing about them made me laugh out loud (sadly, this drew no interest from my office-mates as both of them are far too used to my loud bursts of laughter at this point). I may not have been born with grace and dexterity but I sure do know how to fall well. Really, in a life or death situation I think skillful falling beats out poise any day of the week.

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