LBDs of Delight!

I just had the best. day. ever. I started the day by sleeping in. Then, I made breakfast for the three of us (husband, dog, and myself), toddled about the Internet for a little while, then gave myself a pedicure.

In the middle of said pedicure, my mother-in-law called and asked me if I want to go dress shopping so that I have something cute to wear to Wes’ sister’s upcoming wedding. I thought to myself, the last time I went shopping was in October…of last year. I also haven’t left the house, save once, since Tuesday of last week…Hmm, I wonder if I would like to go shopping…???

My hearty and enthusiastic yes was met with great rejoicing and it was off to the mall we went (we were driven by Wes’ Dad, who is surprisingly fun to shop with. I had thought that the Y chromosome precluded any chance of being fun to shop with but I have apparently been missing something).

We were looking for one black dress and we ended up taking home two little black dresses because they were both awesome and one of them was 80% off. Score! I showed them off to Wes when I got home and they both meet the spousal standards of approval so I get to keep them (and the king said: Hooray!).

After a whole afternoon of shopping, I’m home, cosmo martini firmly in hand, and my legs feel sore and tired from all the robing and disrobing I was doing. Whoever says that shopping isn’t exercise is either lying or broke.

I had forgotten how crowded the malls are during the holidays, though. People were everywhere! I almost never go to the mall, so my senses were delightfully overwhelmed by all the colors, smells, and sounds of so many people crammed into one place.

Now that I’m home, and my new (beautiful! classy! stupendous!) little black dresses are safely ensconced in my closet, I’m thoroughly enjoying sitting in my comfy chair and sipping my martini. Even if my mother-in-law hadn’t bought me two immensely covetable dresses, I’d still be pleased as punch about getting to go shopping.

Alas, never one to miss out on the fun, Doc has decided that he’d like to have a little fun too and has successfully managed to drop his toy down the stairs, onto the hardwood floor, wherein it bounced up and landed with a wet splashy thud in his water bowl. Excuse me while I attend to my soaking wet puppy who has been trying, unsuccessfully, to fish his slippery wet toy out of his water bowl, will you?

8 thoughts on “LBDs of Delight!

  1. Now, let it be said that I make a GREAT Cosmo. I really do. Lots of practice. But I am personally of the opinion that you can’t call a Cosmo a martini anymore than you can call a Manhattan or a Lemon Drop a martini. Maybe that’s just me.

    Nevertheless, sounds like you had an awesome day!

  2. Cheers for awesome days and cut dresses!

    One of my kittens likes to put things in her water bowl. A sock. A hair band. Her mouse toy. She will attack said toys and then run, every playfully, towards the water bowl. And then DROP! Then comes the joy of trying to get them out…. there is usually water EVERYWHERE!

    Oh, the animals that we love and care for.

  3. -Dane, Whoa. WHOA. Just back. the heck. up. How can you even SAY that a cosmo isn’t a martini?! It’s served in a martini glass and the main component is vodka. Sure, it’s jazzed up a little with some cranberry juice (so you can pretend it’s healthy because it has vitamin C, yo) but for the most part it’s a steaming hot asteroid of BOOZE delivered straight into your bloodstream via expressway.

    Does that not qualify as a martini, sir?

  4. -Genay, That sounds endearing and cute until it’s your job to clean up the mess, don’t you think? How unusual that your kitty likes to play with water, does she like to take baths…? I agree with your cheers! There’s absolutely nothing better than a hot little black dress :)

  5. Ohh, I am SO jealous. Shopping for self with double success.

    In our house, since our laundry room coat rack is over the dog’s food and water bowls, I’m the one who ends up dropping things (usually a coat sleeve) in the water bowl. It’s not so cute when I do it.

  6. -Mrs. Higrens, I do that too! I’ll be wearing a scarf and decide that the puppy needs more water and, inevitably, my scarf ends up wading in his water bowl. It’s a clothing conspiracy, I tell you!

  7. I’m not disparaging the Cosmo. It is not, however, a Martini anymore than a Long Island Ice Tea is a Cuba Libre.

    1) A Martini is made of gin, a couple of olives, and a quick look at a bottle of vermouth. While vodka martinis have surpassed gin in popularity, even that is technically not a martini. A cosmo contains neither gin nor vermouth.

    2) Even if a vodka martini is considered a martini, vodka is not the predominant ingredient in a cosmo. When you factor in triple sec, cranberry, lime juice, and the dilution of water that comes from the shaking, vodka, while the single largest ingredient, does not compose the majority of the drink. Further, a properly made cosmo doesn’t contain straight vodka, but a citron vodka of some kind.

    3) The Cosmo was specifically invented as an anti-martini. Lots of people were ordering martinis, manhattans, etc, who didn’t like them but wanted a drink in a martini glass. So the cosmo was in part a response to that; a milder cocktail in a hard-core glass.

    Alright, I’m done. And if next time I see you, you call a cosmo a martini, I won’t even say anything. I’ve said my peace. What’s important is that you’re enjoying a myopicaly pleasing cocktail with a heck of a kick in an admittedly cool looking glass. Mine are the ones without stems.

    And that being said, go have a cosmo. The weather is perfect for it.

  8. -Dane, Aw, don’t bring FACTS and LOGIC to this discussion! They’re such party-poopers! Go instead with your feelings, your perception of the situation. Use your feelings, Obi-Wan…

    I mean, I can’t even begin to argue against this barrage of facts. For all I know, you made them up just to win this argument.

    What I can do, though, is rely on the English language and American culture assassination. We have an amazing ability to rob words of their original meaning, thereby practically nullifying them. Take, for instance, the word “Gentleman.”

    It used to denote a man who was titled and had land, but now it can mean practically anything, from a guy who opens the door for you to a guy who doesn’t throw up on your shoes.

    The word “martini” has been cannibalized into a colloquialism and now, in common parlance, merely means any drink served in a martini glass.

    Oh, and also: torts. Just because I like the word :)

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