Let Them Sag Pants!

I bet the residents of Riviera Beach, FL are tired of The Man telling them how to dress in the morning. This city passed a law in March that allows police to ban sagging pants (I shudder to think about the town meeting that preluded that decision.)

The reason I bring this up is that a judge has recently decided that the saggy pants law is unconstitutional.

No. Freaking. Duh.

Honestly, this law is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard of. Under this law, a police officer is allowed to arrest someone for wearing baggy pants and exposing underwear in public. Essentially, The Man is now allowed to arrest you if your style is so bad it’s illegal.

Now, I’m no proponent of baggy pants. I don’t wear them, I’ve never dated anyone who wore them, and my husband is much too cute to be wearing them, but I fully support other people’s rights to wear them.

For crying out loud, where is the accountability for this law? Are officers required to substantiate the amount of underwear peeking out in order to justify the arrest? Must they furnish photographic proof? Do they have to reconstruct the offense in front of a jury? Can they arrest women for exposing their thongs when they sit down?

I cannot be the only person who thinks this law is a laughable abuse of time and funding. Also, the fact that a judge had to get involved in order to confirm that this law is unconstitutional makes me seriously wonder about the literacy rate of Riviera Beach.

I’m well aware that baggy pants carry strong gang-affiliations, but I can guaran-darn-tee you that banning baggy pants will not inspire all the wannabe and legitimate gangsters from fleeing Riviera Beach. Rather, it’ll probably just inspire them to buy belts. And be irritated because they had to go shopping at The Gap.

A better solution might be to spend more effort making sure the children of that city grow up literate enough to be a) familiar with the Constitution and b) self-aware enough to have bigger issues than seeing “4 inches to 5 inches of blue-and-black boxer shorts.”

2 thoughts on “Let Them Sag Pants!

  1. But, Erika, baggy pants and saggy pants are two different things! Allow me to explain:

    (a) Baggy pants are/should be banned. It’s not because they are a gang symbol (they aren’t) but because they make for easy concealed carrying of firearms. See http://www.bestofgooglevideo.com/video.php?video=160.

    (b) Saggy pants (baggy or not, though baggy does make it easier) are not quite a gang symbol, either. This “trend” originated from the prison, where male-bitches had to show that they were ready to take off their pants and be used. How did this degrading symbol become a teenage fashion on the street? I cannot fathom.

    Do you know the Freakonomics story about cleaning up NYC street crimes by starting with cleaning off the gang graffits on subway cars? Riviera Beach just might have that same big picture in mind. On the other hand, painting on a subway car is defacing public property, whereas improper clothing fashion is a private thing. That’s where RB did wrong.

  2. -Gene, I had NO idea that baggy and saggy pants were different! I can see how they’d make it easy to conceal firearms, but so would muumuus and I don’t see those banned (yet.)

    I’m not quite sure how the prison-style found its way to the street but I think in this case it’s definitely an ignorance is bliss kind of thing.

    I think cleaning up subway cars and making that illegal is fine. The public pays for those and has the right to decide what is not acceptable treatment. I just can’t quite figure out what they were hoping to accomplish with that law!

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