Living in the Hood

This story is too long to tell on Twitter so I thought I’d share it here:

Scene: Wes and I are downstairs, eating dinner on the couch.  Wes has been working from home all day, so his hair is messy and he’s wearing a bathrobe because our house is freezing.  Someone knocks on the door, which only Doc notices, waits about 30 seconds, then rings the doorbell.

Wes: I’ll get it.

He walks up the stairs, walks up to the door as if to open it, then remembers he’s still wearing his bathrobe.  He walks over to the stairs, takes off his bathrobe, then walks up to the door as if to open it.  He then remembers his hair is messy, so he opens the coat closet instead and grabs his raincoat off the hanger.  He puts on the heavy raincoat, flips the hood up over his hair, then finally answers the door.  No one is there.  He walks back downstairs after hanging his coat back up again.

Wes: There was no one there.

Erika: That?  Is not exactly surprising.

Wes: Why?

Erika: Dude, you took forever to answer the door.  No one’s going to stand there waiting for that long.

Wes: Well, my hair was messy!  I had to put on my hood.

Erika: Um, I think you probably looked crazier wearing a heavy raincoat with the hood up indoors than than you would have with just crazy hair.

Wes: No way.

Erika: Wes, you’re allowed to have  messy hair in your own freaking house!  If I’d seen someone answer the door wearing a raincoat and hood, I would have thought their ceiling was busted and it was raining indoors.

Wes: No way.

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8 thoughts on “Living in the Hood

  1. -Perception, Thanks! Wes doesn’t think so, and he’s even stated that he’s tempted to cast a few votes to skew the poll in his favor. Such deviousness!

  2. That was F*ing hilarious! Times like these is where I bet hidden cameras would come in handy, ya know for family get togethers and such.

  3. -EdgellACE, Thanks! No one in Wes’ family would be surprised if they saw him wearing that. He’s best known for wearing socks with sandals and shirts with holes in them, he’s not exactly fashion-conscious. He’s my offbeat eccentric genius man :)

  4. Wes: Sorry dude, I would normally side with the guy just on principle, but the fact is I spend money on product to MAKE my hair look messy… And while I enjoy raincoats and hoods, I normally associate them with the guy on the outside side of the door.

  5. -DC, I think you might have just broken my husband’s heart. I’m pretty sure he was counting on you to clinch this deal for him. Wes says he can’t argue with science and concedes the point.

  6. I had to wonder if the switch from robe to raincoat was for better flashing possibilities. IMO better to have a door opened by someone in a robe than a raincoat, indoors.

    (Though there was the scene in “You’ve Got Mail” where Meg Ryan is sick and Tom Hanks brings her flowers and she throws on a raincoat over her PJ’s but she doesn’t cover her bed-head.)

  7. -Blanche, I’ve never seen “You’ve Got Mail”, but, while I can imagine retro Meg Ryan making wearing a raincoat indoors look cute and quirky, I don’t think my big burly husband has nearly the same effect.

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