Loathing and Detestability

I’ve decided that I’m not nearly enough of a cliche, so I’ve decided to join a gym.  In January.  Because it’ll be a lot of fun to make the regular gym-goers angry when they watch me ineptly try to get the hang of whatever masochistic exercise equipment they want to use.

I’ve suspected for awhile now that, rather than losing the baby weight, I’ve begun to add new weight on top of the baby weight.  It’s been a gradual gain, but there’s no denying it when your pants don’t fit nicely and you dread sitting on the ground because your tummy rolls get in the way (nice mental image, huh?).

I just think that if you’re breastfeeding AND gaining weight, you’re doing something horribly wrong.  Something I hope to rectify by, oh I don’t know, moving more.  Eating less, for sure, but I think that maybe moving will help.

Wes has promised to be part of the solution by helping me cut desserts out of our daily routine, and I’m sad to say that desserts have been a part of our daily routine.  There’s just nothing nicer than sitting down to watch a show together with something sweet to nibble on.

Those days are over, though.  I dislike very much the extra weight I’m carrying around, and would love to lose it before gaining it all back again whenever we decide to start trying for baby number two.  Which won’t be for a long while, mind you, but weight takes a long while to lose so I’d better get cracking!

What I’m considering now is the possibility of hiring a personal trainer.  They’re almost inhumanely expensive, but if I’m going to get up really early to go work out while the baby is asleep, I want to make sure it’s effective.  I would hate to be losing out on precious sleep for nothing.  Like, really really hate it.  Like, I’d hate it so much I’d probably eat an entire birthday cake by myself just to be vindictive.

I think I get to start my membership tomorrow, and thus will begin the great weight loss project of 2011.  If I remember to measure myself I’ll let you know how my progress goes, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be measured in terms of soreness and pants-fit-ability.  I have a pair of capris I bought right before getting pregnant that I’d love to be able to wear this summer.

So here goes nothing.  And by nothing I mean hours of sweating (which I loathe) and muscle burning (which I detest) and no desserts (which makes me sniffle).

Wish me luck.

6 thoughts on “Loathing and Detestability

  1. I highly recommend weight watchers. It’s amazing to learn how much the food you think is healthy really isn’t, and since I’m still breastfeeding, it’s good to know I can lose weight and not lose my milk too. They give you extra points for breastfeeding.

    Also, get a trainer, at least until you are familiar with the equipment and you know your routine. They are so helpful and so worth the money. :-)

    You can do it! I believe in you!

  2. -Jennifer, Awww thanks! It’ll be an uphill struggle, as I’ve been overweight most of my life and it’s part of how I’ve defined myself. I honestly don’t know who skinny Erika might be, and I’m a little trepidatious to find out. I spoke with Maria this morning, and she sounds so nice! I think Wes and I will both meet with her for 5 sessions to start with, just to get off to a good start. Thanks so much for the excellent recommendation!

  3. Well, you are not alone. “…if you’re breastfeeding AND gaining weight, you’re doing something horribly wrong. ” I agree, and I am also part of that club. I’ve been walking every day, and now eating differently. Dessert had become a regular routine around my house also. It’s over. Now, on to feeling good about myself!! Let’s do it.

  4. You can do it!

    (And please to give encouragement in return once I stop breastfeeding and can no longer indulge freely in the things I love to nibble on…)

  5. -Blanche, Aw, thanks! And of course, I will totally cheer you on when the time comes to wean Little One and you have to rein in the snacking habit :)

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