Log on Fire

Did you know that in the United States, Sunday night is statistically the worst night to try and grab some quality shut-eye? There have been tons of surveys and studies conducted to affirm what we all know: Monday morning is a beast worthy of dread.

I normally don’t fall prey to the Sunday night terrors but last night I slept like a log on fire. I absolutely could not stay asleep and I woke up feeling like a train wreck. After apologizing to Wes in the morning for waking him up what must have been seven times, I wondered aloud rhetorically why I’d slept so poorly. Wes, still groggy from restraining my flailing limbs all night, mumbled one word from the pillow: “Vodka.”

Oh, yes. That.

I guess when you indulge in a delicious martini right before bed it messes with your ability to sleep well. I guess at 23 years of age I ought to know better, but then again, fools must learn by experience, mustn’t they?

The reason I was so in need of a pink, freezing-cold libation is that we’d just returned home from a very long drive to attend a wedding. Don’t get me wrong, though. The wedding was lovely and the drive itself wasn’t bad. What put in want of strong booze was knowing that we spent six out of the seven hours of our Sunday afternoon driving. Boo.

On the other hand, it makes me laugh to know that 75% of my friends have all gotten married in the last year. Where were all these newlyweds when I got married, huh? I swear, for at least a year after Wes and I tied the knot, I was the only one among all my friends who was married and I felt a tad isolated.

Now, however, my social circle is overflowing with tulle and engagements and I don’t feel quite so much like the 20-year old freak bride. As most of my friends are the same age (Fun fact: I know six women my age who have all gotten married in the last month!) it does seem like they’re all getting married young, too, but I suppose I’ll wonder about the ramifications of that later.

I wonder if these things go in waves and whether I’ll have to prepare for an inundation of babies next. Oh man, just ponder that visual for a while.

Regardless of baby waves or young brides, I’m no longer an aberration among my young friends so I suppose I have something to celebrate. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s why I drank that martini last night!

4 thoughts on “Log on Fire

  1. I spent an incredibly long and expensive weekend on a wedding as well. It was on Orcas island, and we spent over $1000 to get and stay there. Bastards.

  2. -Del, Wooooooooooow, you are one heck of a generous friend! E-gads, did they ask you to pay for the catering?! I’ve heard Orcas Island is nice, though, so hopefully you and Tim at least enjoyed your time there. I just can’t believe that price tag!

  3. -Wes, truly there has never been a more observant person! You’re totally right, I did sneak the English equivalent of luventus stultorum magister into this post. Gold star for you!!

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