The Long View

I can say with absolute, perfect confidence that I like being a second-time mother MUCH better than I liked being a first-time mom. When Aidan was born, I felt like I was broken down and rebuilt from the ground up as an entirely new person.

My life looked completely different. My routine was turned on its head, my body looked unfamiliar, and I had to adjust to life as a stay at home mom.

This time around, this is all old hat. My life already revolved around attending to the needs of a tiny human when Lily was born, so there hasn’t been much of an adjustment. I must say, it’s a lot more fun to have a baby when everything isn’t new!

That said, I’m so freaking tired. So. Freaking. Tired. Like, I can barely even string words together because my poor groggy brain refuses to come up with them fast enough to keep up with my typing fingers.

Lily is pretty easy-going, but she’s still a newborn so that means I’m up most of the night. Even when she’s sleeping, she’s making all kinds of dinosaur noises that keep me up. After months of pregnancy insomnia, I think it’s entirely likely I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since Christmas.


The nice thing is, I know this passes. The long view of the situation is that this is our last baby and in a few months Lily will be sleeping through the night and I’ll start feeling human again. Maybe even human enough to get my flabby body back to the gym!

Until then, I’ll just keep stumbling through each day with a cup of decaf in one hand and the tremulous hope of an afternoon nap in the other. So long as everyone ends up fed and dressed at the end of each day, I figure I’m doing pretty well.

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