Love in the Time of Real Estate

I’m sorry if my real estate drama doesn’t interest you, but as my house being for sale has been dominating my life lately, so has it been dominating this blog. I imagine the same phenomenon will happen when we have kids, retire, buy socks, etc…

We had our second showing today! The real estate agent gave me three hours’ notice this time so I was able to go home and get some work done before he and his client were scheduled to arrive.

The only problem was that, as I was getting ready to leave, I kept noticing other things that needed cleaning. Suddenly there were dirt spots that hollered at me from forgotten corners, dead flies that had been entombed in peace in window tracks, and glass sliding doors so dirty it was a wonder we could see through them at all!

By the time I stopped noticing new things to clean, we were running short on time and Wes was pressuring me to get the heck out of the door. Well, I listened (mostly, though there may have been a scuffle about the flies in the window) and was on the verge of hustling out the door with ten minutes to spare when there was a knock on the door.


Wes and I froze. There was an instant of blind panic (What do we do? Should we run out the garage? Should we try to hide? Can Erika make it over the fence if we run really fast?) and then I opened the door and pasted on my best “You’re ten minutes early and caught us in an awkward moment but please come in and buy our house anyway” smile and invited them in. We ran out the door and made a clean getaway but I’m quite upset nonetheless.

I feel like maybe we upset the delicate balance in the potential buyer’s mind and maybe now he won’t buy our house because his first impression was dashed. Maybe he thinks leaving late (even though we were early) is a transmittable disease and he’s afraid he’ll catch it if he moves here.

Regardless of this nonsense, we made it through our second showing with little emotional scarring. Wes seems to think that if we’d left when he suggested we leave, none of this would have happened and it would have been fine. I, however, with my infinite understanding of these matters, know for a fact that, even if we’d left earlier, the real estate agent and prospective buyer would still have been early, much like in the movie “Groundhog Day.” You see, some things in this world are preordained, while others, like happy hour specials, are left to chance.

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