I Was Captured by The Heist

Macklemore-Ryan-Lewis-The-Heist-Album-Artwork1I was stuck in traffic for an hour last night so I decided to try exploring some Macklemore, an artist most people have already heard of. You’ll have to pardon me for being so very far behind the curve here, I have very few opportunities to listen to music away from tiny, impressionable ears and there is less than nothing appropriate for little kids on a Macklemore album.

I’ll admit, I was stunned. Both by his frank honesty and the way his songs tell a story. It was fascinating and made the traffic fade away as I listened carefully to what he was saying. I didn’t love everything I heard, but the ones I liked I very much enjoyed. He seems to pull no punches when it comes to be being honest with his struggles, and I find that impressive. It takes a lot of guts to be that honest, especially when so many people are paying attention.

It’s commendable, and also a little convicting. It reminds me of what a friend said to me the other day: The people who seem to have their lives the most together are usually the ones closest to falling apart.

Macklemore wears his dysfunction on his sleeve, and not proudly, either. He speaks openly on one of his songs (Starting Over) about relapsing in his sobriety, and having a fan come tell him right afterward she looks up to him as inspiration for her own sobriety. The shame and anger he feels at himself sears through the speakers and makes you feel like an emotional voyeur.

I find that convicting, though I’m very curious to know how he copes with critics and naysayers. I can’t imagine being that honest about my struggles and then having someone use it to more effectively hurt me.

This suburban stay at home mom (and published author yadda yadda) gives the album two surprised thumbs up, because I was not expecting to like it so much. It’s well worth checking out, so long as as lots and lots of profanity doesn’t ruffle your feathers.

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