Spring, Get Thee a GPS!

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest nine years ago, I lamented at the time that it was a dark, damp, depressing region that didn’t believe in summer and made people want to kill themselves.  You see, moving from California to anywhere else is enough to make you fear never seeing the sun again.  I expected flannel.  I expected year-round hypothermia.  I expected lumberjacks.

What I got was a freezing cold winter followed by a mild spring and a luminous summer.  There was no flannel, I have yet to catch hypothermia, and I have only met one lumberjack (whose name was Paul, of all things).  In all, my adolescent histrionics were exaggerated and unnecessary because, even though the winter here is horrible and dark, it’s almost always redeemed by a gorgeous spring and perfect summer.

Except maybe this year.  I have a sinking suspicion that we may not have a summer this year.  We had a good and proper winter (I have the photos of two feet of snow on our deck to prove it!), and then two days of nice mild weather that we all thought would herald the triumphant return of spring, and then we had…snow.  And hail.  But mostly snow.

It’s almost mid-March, yet when I look out my window I see thick white flakes falling merrily to the ground.  Unlike during the winter, these flakes don’t make me want to sip hot chocolate and read a book.  These flakes make me want a giant blow dryer so I can resuscitate the flowers that started budding during the warm days and are now covered in unwelcoming pellets of hail.  These flakes make me want to knit twee little sweaters for my poor daffodils, who are ill at ease amid the cold and ice.

Winter has metastisized to other seasons this year.  Either that or spring got lost on its way back from Argentina (if you know what’s good for you, you won’t ask what spring was doing there).

Other than the weather, I don’t have much to report on.  Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict, we were unable to go see Watchmenthis weekend.  We have rescheduled our date to a proper dinner-and-a-movie date for Tuesday, so I suppose my review of the movie will be coming on Wednesday.  I’d advise you to set your TiVo but I may be incorrect in my understanding of how those work.

We did have a chance to have dinner with my mom, step-father, and step-brother this weekend and that was a lot of fun.  As usual, we were the loudest table there and one of the very last customers to leave.  One of the things most people notice first about me is that I’m loud.  When you meet the rest of my family, it’s quickly apparent that being loud is not a quirk so much as it is a survival skill.

It’s one of the fundamental rules of my family that if you can’t say what you’re thinking louder than everybody else, it probably isn’t worth saying.  And I am nothing if not completely confident that every single thing I think is worth saying.

6 thoughts on “Spring, Get Thee a GPS!

  1. Oh yeah where is spring gone and I shudder at the thought of no summer sob sob! I am considering knitting sweaters for my poor plants who are living in hope that some day the sun with shine bright and throw some warmth. All they get are flakes.

    Btw, I still remember your loud laughter, it made anyone around you smile and laugh along :)

  2. -Perception, I’m so glad my loud laughter left a positive impression! I really hope my future children inherit either my or Wes’ loud laugh, baby laughs are the BEST. Let’s just keep crossing our fingers and hoping for a bright warm summer, shall we?

  3. -Blanche, Oh my goodness, that’s some schizophrenic weather! I would soak up all 82 degrees of that sunny perfection, though! It’s been so long since I’ve felt that kind of warmth, I almost don’t even remember what it’s like…

  4. I know it has been such a depressing weather. My cousin from Purdue, Indiana is visiting us this weekend and she is really looking forward to a change in weather. When I told her its no different, she sulked and replied “I do not want to go from one bad weather to another bad one :(” She is already fed up looking at inches of snow in W.Lafayyette.
    Taking about being loud, my husband ‘shh’es me everytime I talk in a restaurant, in the hallway, near the parking lot.. and I love to sing aloud, I really dont care who is around me! I try to mellow down my voice to save some embarrasement when I have company :P

  5. -GGadre, I totally know how your cousin feels! Every time it’s cloudy when I visit California, I feel just a little bit disappointed! If I’m going to travel, I want to see some sun, gosh dang it! I bet you have a lovely voice! Being loud can be a lot of fun, especially with singing, and at least ensures you’re never lost in a crowd!

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