TTDNST: Men Fixing Things

I was so busy at work today that, when I paused to check the clock and figure out how much time I had left at work, I was shocked to discover that I was ten minutes past the time I was supposed to clock out!  It’s bizarre when time slips away from you like that, you start wondering whether you’ve got a touch of the multiple personality disorder, the Alzheimer’s, or some designer drug combination of both.

Seeing as how I may have a new disorder called multiple Alzheimer’s disorder, it’s a good thing today is Thursday because otherwise I might forget what I was planning to write about.  Thursdays are, as we all know, the day when I share with you the week’s Thing That Does Not Suck.

I’m quite excited about this week’s Thing.  For one, it features no profanity (I was a tad concerned about last week’s Thing because, even though I thought it was clever and funny, it was rather profane and violent!)  For another, it also features my husband, who is handsome and talented.

Behold this week’s Thing:

Doc is lending moral support while Wes fixes the sink.

Doc is lending moral support while Wes fixes the sink.

This is my husband fixing our sink.  While nice in and of itself, the reason it’s featured here is because of what it represents: Men fixing things.  Which just happens to be this week’s Thing That Does Not Suck.

I realize that women fix things all the time (I, for one, have been known to be a bit of an ingenue when it comes to fixing deadbolts) but there’s just something nice about when men take it upon themselves to fix things around the house.  It doesn’t matter if they’re plunging stopped-up toilets, tightening bolts on faucets, greasing hinges, or caulking bathtubs, there’s just something very right about a man fixing things.

Sure, they can get a little cranky when they’re elbow-deep in eggshells that were accidentally disposed of down the sink.  Of course they’d rather be doing other things than hanging pictures eleventy-billion times because you just want to try the picture in one more spot.  It goes without saying that they’d rather play a video game than try to figure out why the upstairs toilet isn’t flushing.

But!  They do it anyway (Or at least I hope they do.  If you’re a married lady and your husband doesn’t do these things for you, then this post is really for you, isn’t it?).  Because they love us.  Because they’re good at it.  Because they do not suck.

Thanks for fixing our stuff, men across the world.  Without you, we’d either have to learn how to fix things ourselves or hire people to fix them for us.  Thank you for insuring us against a future where we either have to take sinks apart or watch handymen and plumbers twirl their mustaches and laugh all the way to the bank.

Oh, and Wes?  I’m sorry about that whole eggshells debacle.  In my defense, though, at least it wasn’t beef fat.

5 thoughts on “TTDNST: Men Fixing Things

  1. -Wesley, Sick! That sounds like the perfect way to ruin a Saturday afternoon.

    -Mrs. Higrens, Seriously. I always thought it was fine to dispose of eggshells in the disposal and then, one day after a particularly eggy breakfast, our sink was stopped up and the culprit was eggshells. The more you know, I guess?

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