Minivan Mama

Major happenings over at casa de Mitchell lately.  We took a great big leap further into the parenting end of the pool and sold Kermit (my trusty Kia car) in order to make room for a :::MINIVAN:::

Even though this is my life, I still can’t believe that soon I’ll be the proud new owner of a minivan.  Grown-ups drive minivans, y’know?

I mean, I’ve been married since I was 20, I’ve got one heck of a mortgage, and I graduated college and got myself a career and everything.  Even with all that going for me, I still felt like a kid.  A kid in a candy store definitely, but still a kid.

I always thought becoming a mother would make me feel like a grown-up, but no dice.  I suppose spending a large chunk of my time playing peekaboo certainly doesn’t help, but I still feel like a big kid who plays with a little kid all day.

And now I’m going to be tooling around town driving a minivan.  So I’ll have the house, the marriage, the career, the minivan, and the adorable baby gurgling in the backseat.  Will I feel like a grown-up then?

We won’t get the minivan until later this month (my super-cool aunt is selling hers to us and she’s driving it up from California at the end of the month) but I know it’s white.  And pretty.  And fully loaded with awesome accessories (this will seriously be the nicest car I’ve ever driven).

So, now we just have to wait for Gandalf the White to join our family (yes, we’re naming the minivan Gandalf.  What better car to ferry my baby around than one named after a fierce, indestructible wizard?).  We’ll see if he brings my sense of adulthood with him…

5 thoughts on “Minivan Mama

  1. We just got a white minivan too! An old one though, a ’96 Windstar that my grandparents gave us. It hasn’t made me feel any more grown up though.

    I asked a teenager for recommendations on movies that are out right now and got the response, “I’m not sure what type of movies you adult people are into.” OUCH! THAT made me feel old. Maybe if kids treat us like grown-ups enough times, it will start to sink in?

  2. Nothing makes me feel old faster that getting ma’am’ed by the kid(s) running the checkout at the grocery store.

    But you’ll know you’re an adult when the words “When I was your age…” come involuntarily out of your mouth. That’s the true transition right there. Not the trappings, but the internal disconnect from what used to be ‘your’ culture.

  3. -Kelly O., We can be white minivan friends! It’s like the best friends necklace we used to have, but bigger and vroomier :) Did you reply to the teenager that you’re not sure what little kids like her like anymore either?

    -Blanche, Ha! I have yet to get ma’am’ed at the store, but I never get carded either. I think the permanent sleep deprivation bags under my eyes are all the proof anyone needs that I should be drinking. As for the disconnect from “my” culture…I was never very cool, or hip, or with it (except when I owned Jellies back in the 90’s) so I’m not sure we’ll get there. Except when my kids are able to teleport to school and I’ll remind them that in my day we walked!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Army Boy and I are moving out to be IRL friends with you, Wes and Aidan. Anyone who names their minivan “Gandalf” is clearly the sister of my soul.

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