Mischief Mustered

So right about the time I finished writing my sad, sad post yesterday about how I was going to chuck a piece of cold toast at Wes for Valentine’s Day and call it good, I started getting really excited about it. My imagination went wild, imagining myself getting up early to make him homemade pain au chocolate or strawberry mascarpone blintzes.

My imagination was writing checks my recovering little body can’t cash.

Still, I managed to muster up a bunch of enthusiasm after all. I helped Aidan draw his very first Valentine for his Daddy, I wrote a long, heartfelt card for Wes, and wrapped the sumptuous gifts I bought for him last week.

And then this morning I made his favorite muffins, which we served with eggs and bacon. Wes has a happy belly and a homemade Valentine from his son, and tonight we shall feast on steak and exchange the petit cadeaus we purchased.

It turns out Valentine’s isn’t toast after all!

A very, very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope you are immersed in chocolate, love, and all of life’s best things :)

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