Monday Malaise

What a gloomy Monday! As if coming back from the weekend weren’t hard enough! Compound the problem with the fact that I picked up a fabulous new book (actually 4) from the library over the weekend and you’ll be able to understand the title for this post.

I had a very relaxing weekend. I did indeed mop and it was very satisfying. The new floor polish smells like Citronella, which, I found, repels not only mosquitos but also me!

I also got to sit and read my new book for about an hour WHILE drinking a Cosmopolitan. Such bliss! My husband makes a rather perfect Cosmo so I am very lucky indeed. He even got to play his Nintendo Wii for awhile, which he hasn’t played since the puppy came home. Doc was pretty upset to be away from all the action but Wes and I both appreciated the “alone” time (meaning we were about 15 feet away from one another and yet doing separate things).

Other than the weather it’s been a pretty decent Monday so I’m thankful. I just hope my puppy isn’t too muddy when I get home. Wes and I were joking yesterday that Doc can be an inside dog during the summer but will be an outside dog during Fall, Winter, and Spring. Just kidding, how could I sleep without hearing my restless puppy moving around all night?

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