My First Book is Coming Out in a Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They frown on excessive exclamation point usage in snooty literary circles, you know.

Good thing I’m not snooty.

What I am, aside from being “not snooty”, is excited. Nervous. And more excited. My first book is getting published, and it’ll be available for public consumption in a month.


This is me going for it. I’m putting my wishy-washy away and buckling on my big girl shoes. It’s time to get out there, and I’m going to start with my second novel. Called Pwned, it’s the story of professional gamer Sean Boxer, who is set up as the subject of an NSA investigation by a rival and has to choose between abandoning his dreams or fleeing the country in a desperate attempt to clear his name.

So that’s my big news. My novel will be published. In a month. E-freaking-GADS.

6 thoughts on “My First Book is Coming Out in a Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. That’s awesome! Are you going the e-publishing for the Kindle route, or is this something else? I hope it goes amazingly!

  2. -Txtingmrdarcy, Thank you!!! We can use the money I make from this book to prepare for the zombie apocalypse ;)

    -Diane, Thank you! I’m e-publishing and it’ll be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, iTunes, and a whole bunch of others.

    -Kinchie, Awww thank you!

  3. Wheeeee! I KNEW you were going to rock that meeting!!!!!!

    (and a few more just for good measure)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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