Namby-Pamby Joint Pain Be Darned!

As it’s now late on a Friday night, I’m going to be uncharacteristically brief here. It’s not that I have nothing to say. Far from it. At this moment it would appear that I have too much to say, but I won’t because my fingers and wrists are suffering because of my commitment to writing a novel this month.

I made it through the first week and I have 21,171 words to show for it. My story is moving right along, my characters are developing and becoming so real to me that I can sometimes hear their voices, and my fingers hurt to high heaven every single day. I have faith that I will finish this story and that the joints of my hands will be the worse for it.

In related joint-issue news, Wes and I received our Blackberries yesterday and they were, true to form, teeny tiny. Wes went to the trouble of setting up my Pearl for me before we realized that they sent me the wrong model (I need a Wi-Fi capable phone and this one wasn’t up to snuff).

The trouble is, I already set up my email account on it, my ringtones, and my menu options. I’d already programmed my quick access keys on the left and right and set the background to be a picture of Doc. Now, I’ll have to do all thirty minutes of set-up all over again, and suffer the indignity of only being able to type out half of my email address without my thumbs hurting.

It turns out, however, that this was a blessing in disguise. Since I already have to return the Pearl, I took a test drive on Wes’ Curve to find out if I liked it better. I do. The Pearl combines letters in weird duos on the keys and then forces you to choose which option you mean. For instance, if you hit the key with “AD” on it, a little menu pops up and you have to select whether you meant A or D.

As a writer, I find all the constant double-checking vexing. I am almost always intentional when I type things, dang it, and I don’t need some namby-pamby Pearl asking me if I mean to write what I type out.

The Curve has a full keyboard, even though the keyboard is only suitable for infants and puppies to use because it’s so small, and I vastly prefer that to the insanely convoluted checks-and-balances system of the Pearl. Now all I have to do is go for at least a week without a phone and pretend it doesn’t bother me!

I bet you’re so glad I took the time to write all this out because you’re all just dying to know what I think about handheld cellular devices. What can I say? I labor under the mistaken assumption that the minutiae of my life interests other people and apparently too few people have gone to the trouble to correct my misinformation.

Now, alas, I’m going to do the dishes and go to bed because my wrists are hurting like an unmentionable word and I want to sleep so they’ll stop. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, though, that involves chocolate, sleeping, and all things that are good.

2 thoughts on “Namby-Pamby Joint Pain Be Darned!

  1. I have the Curve. But I guess it’s the corporate version or something because it’s not silver. Anyway, fine little machine, I still can’t type super fast on the keyboard, and I will never know the outer limits of its capabilities because it’s Firm property (kind of like me). So, if you two figure out fun exciting stuff for your Curves, let me know.

  2. -Dane, Done deal. If we crack the secrets of Curve-dom we’ll keep you in the loop. Wes got one that’s called “Titanium” colored and it looks vaguely green. I’m not sure what color mine will be when it gets here. Does your have BrickBreaker? Do you know what the story is with that?

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