National {fattening food} Days

Last Friday was National Chocolate Cake Day, did you know that? I didn’t until I was cruising Twitter Friday afternoon. All it took was two innocent tweets and the damage was done: CRAVING.

Wes, dutiful husband he is, went out to procure both dinner and a box of chocolate cake mix. And wouldn’t you know it, that chocolate cake mix cake went SPLENDIDLY with homemade peanut butter buttercream!

Determined to avoid gestational diabeetus, I threw out (most of {ok, fine. Some of}) the leftover cake and made a concerted effort to eat healthier the rest of the week (a very difficult task as Tiny Baby has one HECK of an unrepentant sweet tooth). Then…Twitter happened again.

Today is National Carrot Cake Day! ARG! It should be absolutely no mystery at all what I’d really like to eat right now. No fair! Pregnancy is hard enough without spurring cravings with random national fattening food days!


Happy National Carrot Cake Day, everyone! I hope your pancreas is as forgiving as mine seems to be…

3 thoughts on “National {fattening food} Days

  1. Do you want me to kick your butt, or do you want me to say yay cake? :-)

    Also- your baby has no teeth yet. Just saying.

  2. Yummmmmy.

    I’d split a piece with you while Aidan and LO played together, you know, if we ldidn’t live on opposite sides of the country!

  3. -Jennifer, No butt kicking required, my scale is keeping me very accountable! Still, Tiny Baby does have tooth buds beneath his/her gums already! Technically, one of those could be a sweet tooth!

    -Blanche, I wish! We would have some fun play dates :)

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