Natural Childbirth From the Other Side

You may be wondering where I went. I’ve been on this great blogging two-three times a week kick lately and then last week I left you with a paltry one post. One is hardly enough to whet even half a whistle. My apologies.

I have a good excuse, though, trust me. Way better than a last minute doctor appointment, a dog eating my homework, or a flat tire on the way to work. Last week, my sister in law had a baby and I got to help her through her labor. She went into labor Tuesday night and had the baby Wednesday night, which means I was awake for thirty seven hours straight. By the time I got home, I was so tired I needed Wes’s help getting out of the car. It was warm and dark in the garage. Warm and dark and quiet and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Still, as exhausted as I was, it was worth it to be there. Natural childbirth is incredible in every way, though I will say it was a lot more fun being on this side of it. I got all the fun of the miracle of life and none of the sleepless nights with a newborn! Win!

It was interesting to watch the process, and different people’s reactions to what was going on. I was happy to see that, when the chips are down or something goes wrong or someone needs encouragement, I’m indefatigable (that means tireless, for those of you who don’t have a dictionary handy). When my sister in law needed me (or, on a few occasions, the other people in the birth party) I felt no fatigue at all and had a bottomless reserve of energy on which to draw.

If you were to ask me a week ago how I thought I was likely to fare after being awake for thirty seven hours, I would have told you I was likely to be a gibbering wreck. Now, though, I don’t know. I suspect years of writing thrillers has rubbed off on me and I’m now capable of Jack Bauer-esque feats of resilience.

Though, who knows? Maybe I just thought I was helping when in reality I was weeping softly in the corner and trying to take naps in hallways. I’ll allow that possibility.

Either way, I got to help my nephew into the world and I’m amazed by that. I’m amazed by the strength of his mother, the skill of her care providers, and the enchanting sound of a newborn baby voicing his first cry. I’ve heard it three times now and it astounds me every time. Truly, I’m humbled. If you ever want to hear what true love sounds like, listen to a new mother greet her just-born baby for the first time.


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