Netflix Didn’t Even Make the Qualifying Round

After getting lost on a turnpike somewhere, my voice is a little worse for wear but it’s back. Yay! I celebrated this morning by having a very lengthy conversation with Doc about whether or not it was really necessary to stick his nose onto the carpet and sniff every square inch of every room every freaking day.

His response? Yes.

While all is well and good in the yelling department, we seem to have a bit of a problem. Netflix. My good, faithful friend Netflix is sputtering this week and I fear it will fail me before the chime of the closing bell this week.

I don’t know what happened. One minute we’re steaming right along, sending and receiving new DVD’s with alarming alacrity. The next, I send a DVD back and another doesn’t arrive for four whole days! I sent two back two days ago and they aren’t even showing up on our account as being received yet!


Supposedly, Netflix is having “technical difficulties” which is probably code for, “We took a company break to Hawaii. You’ll just have to wait for that inane rom-com, won’t you?”

I read an article in the LA Times about this and the spokesperson for Netflix said they don’t see this as a problem because most people don’t watch films during the week. He reckons it’ll be fine to get movies to people in time for the weekend.

Because mediocrity will get you just far enough every time, won’t it?

Luckily, the Olympics are on right now. Unluckily, we don’t have cable, so we’ve resorted to cramming into Wes’ tiny studio to watch (legally) downloaded videos of events on his tiny monitor. Double unluckily, The Precious isn’t up and running yet (because of a faulty motherboard, which wasn’t discovered until after he’d sent back and replaced the faulty memory sticks. BOO!) so we have to watch on his 18″ screen while his flat-panel 24″ nice monitor silently mocks us from the corner.

That being said, if you want to know where I am this weekend, I’ll be sitting on the floor of Wes’ studio smushed between three different guitars, the CPU of The Precious, and the vaguely corn-chip scented feet of my dog.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Didn’t Even Make the Qualifying Round

  1. I received a Netflix today… are you telling me I will no longer receive them in a timely manner? That the only reason we got it is because it is the weekend?

    Another thing is that there are many things on Netflix you can watch INSTANTLY! You may just have to do some ridiculous DRM thing that could possibly erase every license on your computer. Awesome, Netflix, thanks!

    By the way, to make what I told y’all last night more concise: A turnpike is a toll-freeway.

  2. -Dane, No, there was a glitch in their shipping system that delayed shipments this week. It’s not supposed to be an ongoing problem. Yeah, you caught that subtle smack-you-in-the-face option (the watch it now thing) on Netflix too, huh? Thank you for explaining the turnpike thing, I wrote it before realizing I didn’t know exactly what I was saying. That right there is posthumous responsible blogging, sir.

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