Netflix Wars

Wes is mad at me, and considering changing the password on our Netflix account.  It all started out with such good intentions…

Our Netflix queue was getting a bit bare, so I started adding movies I knew we enjoyed to it to ensure that we wouldn’t run out of quality entertainment.  Some of the movies I added:

  • Love Actually
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • The Proposal
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • The Day After Tomorrow
  • 2012
  • Gamer

Now, Wes considers the top four movies on that list to be chick flicks, even though Mr. & Mrs. Smith is most definitely not a chick flick because it has guns in it.  When the fourth so-called chick flick arrived, Wes started getting ever-so-slightly annoyed.  After all, he is not a chick, and can be relied upon to consistently ruin a perfectly good cry by making sarcastic jokes during emotionally charged scenes.

Then, the two disaster movies arrived.  I love The Day After Tomorrow, while Wes merely thinks it’s tolerable. He chafes at thinly veiled environmental propaganda.  2012, we both agreed, was a phenomenal waste of time.  I love me a good disaster movie, but it has to be at least somewhat plausible or I just plain stop caring.

The last movie to arrive before Wes completely lost all faith in my Netflix queue ordering abilities was Gamer.  I do not recommend this movie.  I’d read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting, but we made it about a quarter through the movie before turning it off in disgust.  It is a foul film, and deeply unsettling, and not worthy of anyone’s time.

That last movie was the nail in my movie-picking coffin.  Now I’m consigned to watching Miami Vice (the show, not the movie {a show I couldn’t be less interested in watching}), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (vapid, annoying, campy, though Wes assures me the second season is better than the first), and JAG (I already know it won’t be as good as NCIS, so why bother?).

Marriage means sharing the Netflix queue, even if it means watching things you have no interest in.  Le sigh.  The chick flick marathon was good while it lasted…

8 thoughts on “Netflix Wars

  1. I’m even more frustrating – I loaded up the queue with movies I thought I wanted to watch and then didn’t bother to watch. That went over REAL well.

    There is a slight cheese factor to Buffy – like a soap opera with vampires. But that’s totally part of the charm.

    May I suggest Charmed and Magnum P.I. as Wes’s next picks?

  2. -Blanche, Ha! So good to know we’re not the only couple who takes umbrage with one another’s Netflix habits! I’ll give Buffy another shot, I suppose *grumble grumble grumble*

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith IS a chick flick. Its a romantic comedy thinly veiled as an action movie. Its love with some guns in it. It’s also real lousy.

  4. Best thing ever with netlfix, but only if you get two at a time. You can split your queue so that you actually each get your own queue and you will get one at a time from your queue and he can get one at a time from his. Of course you can still watch these movies together, but that means my husband can add all the Mystery Science and Doctor Who movies, and I can add all the seasons of Roswell and Bones to watch while nursing. Also we have a Wii and just recently got the Netflix disc so now I can watch all the instant movies on my TV. It is amazing!

  5. -Shannon, Oooh, I didn;t know you could do that…Might have to look into that. As for having something to watch while breastfeeding: TOTALLY! The first few weeks I just stared at the wall while feeding Aidan and I thought my brain would wink out of existence from non-use. Then I discovered Hulu, and it’s been a pretty hot and heavy relationship ever since :)

  6. I am late to the game commenting on this one, but we have instant streaming Netflix on our PS3 and it has saved my sanity many a time while breastfeeding, as has Youtube. I have watched Seasons 1-3 of Sliders, all of Red Dwarf, most of QI, a bunch of old (1960s) Dr. Who episodes…. lots of other things, just hours and hours of nursing/tv watching goodness!

  7. -Kelly O., Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to get caught up on your favorite shows while breastfeeding?! I had no idea!!!

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