New Yorkers Can Wipe Their Own Noses

TF-site-small-banner11Shhh. Listen.

Wait for it.

Do you hear that?

That rapid pitter-pattering, like a pair of shoes tap, tap, tapping against the floor?

Those are my feet. In my shoes. Tapping against the floor, because I’m excited. For the second year in a row, I have the unparalleled privilege of attending the International Thriller Writers Conference in New York City.

For six glorious days, I’ll be traipsing all over the greatest city in the world, free as a bird, learning and networking and having the best frigging time of my life. And the best part? I’ll not be doing any mothering while I’m there. I swear by all the fish in the sea, you New Yorkers can wipe your own darn noses while I’m there. I’ll have no part in it!

The ITW conference is going to be amazing this year. Day one takes place at…


FBI Headquarters!

That’s right. I’m spending the first day of the conference at an all-day FBI seminar held at FBI Headquarters in New York City.

Seriously, someone pinch me. I might pass out before I ever even get there.

Obviously, I’m going to miss my family. Every time I have leave them, even if it’s just for a couple days, I get all choked up and can’t even talk properly. They’re as much a part of me as my fingernails.

And yet, once a year, I get to go be by myself, soaking in the minutiae of the craft of writing, and it is so worth the pang of missing my kids and husband.

My hotel is a short subway ride away from the Guggenheim Museum and Central Park, so I’m thinking I’ll check those out on my free day. Stay tuned for pictures (this will happen in early July) and plenty of exclamation marks. There will be exclamation marks in abundance, I think.

Brace yourselves.

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