No Tofu for Doc

I have some friends I’d very much like to introduce you to.  They’ve been waiting more than a year to meet you and they’ve put on their very finest display to prepare for the honor.  It’s my very great pleasure to introduce you to the Punk Rock Daffodils, all grown up:

We'll travel around the world, just you and me Punk Rock Squirrel...

We'll travel around the world, just you and me Punk Rock Squirrel...

Aren’t they just the dandiest?  They’re so tall and proud, so bright and defiantly cheerful.  You can see they opted against piercings and tattoos because, as any real punk knows, punk is all about what’s inside, friends.

I tried to get Doc interested in the daffodils, but he couldn’t have cared less…


You see, before his recent bone devouring incident, he grew rather enraptured of Voltaire.  That didn’t last long, and now after his near-death experience he’s on a rather pious kick.  He, quite frankly, doesn’t understand why anyone would want to live a life of rebellion and has resorted to calling his body a temple and requesting tofu.

We do not do tofu in this household, and refuse to feed the dog food that costs more than the food we eat, so we’ve politely declined his requests.  He’s sulking but I think he’ll make it.

Be careful or your face will get stuck that way, buddy.

Be careful or your face will get stuck that way, buddy.

In other news, Wes is thinking about going back to school, our accountant is asking for our firstborn child as payment for filing our taxes, our home loan is still not modified, we’re trying to figure out how a baby fits into this mess, and my car needs an oil change.

So, you know, not much going on that’s worth talking about really…

7 thoughts on “No Tofu for Doc

  1. I think Doc sees that camera so often now that he thinks of it as a third parent. God save teh Dog.

  2. -Rockstar, Nonsense! If he thought of it as a third parent he’d definitely still act cute around it. Every time I whip out the camera he turns off the cute and stonewalls. Also, don’t you think God has saved this dog enough already…?

    -Blanche, Thanks! They’re both pretty fetching, I think. I hope it all clear up soon too, believe me I’m so tired of thinking about all that stuff!

  3. I know what you mean about the moolah situation. I am just now being affected by this state of economy we are in. Hopes it clears up for both of us sooner then later! **Wonders how much the powerball lottery is up too**

  4. -EdgellACE, Just now? That’s lame, it would have been cool if you could have skated by unnoticed by the crap economy. I’m sure everything will clear up, nothing lasts forever. Not even cellulite.

  5. -Perception, Don’t feel sad, he’s really only interested in the things he can either put in his mouth or destroy with his paws and, since I won’t let him do either to my daffodils, he professes indifference. He could be VERY interested in the daffodils if I let him!

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