Nonsense, Anyone?

If you’re not familiar with Fail Blog, I highly suggest that you rectify the situation and get yourself acquainted pronto. Wes and I peruse it together and every single time we check in we laugh ourselves silly.

It’s a blog dedicated to failure. You get tall trucks bringing down low buildings, unfortunate wedding snafus that plunge brides into pools, cars smashing into one another during freezing conditions, and, my personal favorite, English translations that go seriously awry:

fail owned pwned pictures

If you like my nonsense, you’ll probably like theirs too.

In other news, election season is over! I’m so relieved I could dance a little jig right here. In fact, you can’t see it but I just did!

I am practically giddy over being able to again turn on the radio without having to hear yet another radio commercial sponsored by the Washington state Democrats that claims that the Republican contender for the Governor’s spot is pure evil and probably eats babies.

I don’t care which party you support, political commercials are annoying, upsetting, and lame. Hooray for the next four political-commercial-free years! I’m curious, do you or anyone you know actually enjoy political commercials? If not, then why do politicians spend so much money forcing us to listen to them? Isn’t that a tad expensive and counter-productive?

4 thoughts on “Nonsense, Anyone?

  1. I completely know what you mean about the commercials. I was on the verge of going on a killing spree if I saw one more…luckily I just tried to avoid commercial breaks altogether to prevent committing a felony. I am very glad that this whole ordeal is over, however I am not very happy with the results. Oh well.

  2. -Del, Yeah, i hear you on the results thing. It’s kind of hard feeling so disappointed by how things turned out. I’m not really upset about Barack Obama winning the presidential election (America has spoken and he’ll either change the world like he says or he won’t) but I am SUPER sad about Gregoire winning the Governor’s seat again. We may just have to home-school after all, Del. Maybe you and I can do a co-op ;)

  3. I too am thrilled that we won’t have any political commercials for the next 2 years at least. You know the Republicans aren’t going to wait to start politicking before the next election.

    I do have to echo another blogger who finds it highly ironic that on the day the first African-American person is declared president-elect, the voters of California saw fit to discriminate against another group.

    When will it end? When will we “all just get along”?

  4. -Mrs. Higrens, Yeah, the whole Prop 8 thing is pretty brutal. I think it’s vastly unfair to grant them marriage rights and then repeal it a few months later. Think of all those weddings that now meant nothing legally! *sigh* When are people going to realize that church is separate from State? Let the churches decide not to allow gay weddings, but I really don’t think that’s a governmental issue.

    As for the Republican politicking starting in two years goes, this is all the more reason for me NOT to get cable TV :)

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