Not Entirely Jazzed

Last weekend I finally bit the bullet and bought some new pants. When I lost all that weight last year, I bought some cute jeans and then made the foolish mistake of giving my larger pants to Goodwill.

I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I thought the weight would just magically fall off me after having Baby #2. Maybe I was just so stoked about how I looked and felt that I wanted to purge my closet of all reminders of my larger size.

Maybe I’m just that exact flavor of foolish.

Whatever my reasons, my bigger jeans are gone. What’s not gone is the baby weight. I’ve never been more sure of this fact than when I attempted to get dressed for church a couple weeks ago and realized that none of my jeans would make it up past my thighs.

To say this put a damper on my morning is putting it lightly.

Last weekend, Wes stayed home with the kids so that I could go to Old Navy and swallow my pride and buy the biggest jeans I’ve ever had to purchase for myself. I tried on jeans one size larger than what I was able to wear before Lily’s pregnancy, and when those didn’t fit I made a sad face and went two sizes up.

Woe. Is. Me.

Making matters worse was the fact that this Old Navy didn’t have dressing rooms with doors, just little enclaves with big curtains for privacy. Not only was I mourning my svelte body, but I had to do it while telling little kids to stop opening the frigging curtain already.

(Parents, please don’t let your tiny humans roam the clothing store unattended. They might just be making a recently postpartum mom sincerely worried about the prospect of flashing the entire store with a body she’s not entirely jazzed about at the moment)

But whatever. I have jeans now. And because I was so bummed about my GIGANTIC LEGS I bought Lily a cute, fuzzy, pink hat with ears. If I can’t look cute like I used to, at least my beautiful baby can look cute in her pink hat with bear ears.

My gym membership starts up again in October. I can’t freaking wait to fold these humongous jeans up and store them on a very high shelf forever. But not give them to Goodwill. I shan’t be making that mistake again.

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