October Shmoctober

It was a jam-packed weekend (literally! We made biscuits on Saturday and ate them with jam). We took Mr. Doc Holliday to the vet on Saturday for some more vaccinations and he weighed in at a whopping 25 pounds! When we brought him home from the breeder he weighed about 7 pounds. He behaved very well and the vet said his heart and lungs sound good! Hooray!

Then, Wes tackled the not-at-all enviable task of constructing the world’s most rickety dog run. It’s 7′ x 13′ and really old. He was working in the mud and rain for about 8 hours, putting up the support beams, rolling out the chain-link fence, zip-tying it into place, and then shoveling in countless loads of gravel. He was exhausted afterward but our spoiled puppy is now living in high style! He’s got tons of room to whine and bark when we leave!

We celebrated this accomplishment by going shopping for clothes on Sunday. We both have numerous holes in our wardrobe that we rectified. Wes got some new pants (sans holes, imagine that!) and I picked up some new shirts and pants. It was an exciting day in the Mitchell household, I can tell you that! We’re both kitted out in some new threads and looking very fine, thank you very much.

Then, tragedy struck. We had just returned home from Wes’ parents house (where we spent the afternoon eating delicious food and cheering on the Seahawks) and Wes was sitting in one of our dining chairs. He had checked his email and was moving to get up and join Doc and I on the floor when *CRACK!* the leg of the chair snaps right off and down goes Wes in a pile of legs and confusion. Unfortunately, Doc was walking under the chair at the time and it caught his little rear as it went down. So, down goes Wes and the chair and away shoots little Doc in a flurry of fear and confusion and suddenly I’ve got two guys, both confused and hurt, and I can’t stop laughing.

So I call the puppy over to me and he’s shaking and upset but I’m just calm and eventually he sniffs around and calms down and now he’s fine. His little bottom is fine too, but now when he sees those chairs he looks at them with a little bit of suspicion I think.

Next I moved on to Wes. He’s somewhat less than thrilled that I can’t stop laughing when I look at him and it takes me a good hour to get ahold of myself. He’s fine physically, but who knows how long it will take him to recover emotionally?

So now we’re left with three functional chairs (though who knows how long they’ve got left?) and one really treacherous chair. All in all, though, I’m going to say it was a terrific (albeit busy) weekend. Wes and the puppy may differ in their opinions of Sunday night, but I’m ok with that. Besides, what’s family if not a convenient group of people you can laugh at whenever you want to?

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