As of today, I’m a published author. As undeniably cool as it was to see my name on the covers people designed for me, it is even more mind-blowing to see my name on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As an author. That is just so freaking cool!

I woke up at 11:55 last night because Aidan was up and all I could think was, “In five minutes it’ll be June 20. And I’ll be a published author,” and then I went back to sleep because my tired brain couldn’t process the enormity of that statement.

In my first day as a published author, so far I have worked out, done the breakfast thing, and changed a diaper. Pretty much life as usual. When I had Aidan on the changing table, I tried to tell him he was getting his diaper changed by a published author, and that that was a big deal. He was, and continues to be, unimpressed.

It’s ok. I’m excited enough for the both of us.

14 thoughts on “Official

  1. Let me tell you, I’d feel damn lucky if anyone would help take care of my bathroom habits, much less a published author.

    Wait, that came out so wrong…

    What I meant to say was “Congratulations!!!” :-D

  2. -Txtingmrdarcy, I had the misfortune of having coffee in my mouth when I read your comment. Now that coffee is in my nose. And it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! :D

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