On This, the Day of My Internet’s Outage

There are some places where ongoing construction projects are a given part of everyday life. When one is ending and you’re thanking your lucky stars because you can finally drive to work without allotting an extra ten minutes to watch the guy with the stop sign chew gum and scratch his butt, you can pretty much count on watching another one start at some point in your route.

I happen to live in one of those places. There’s almost always a construction project going on (last month there were three different projects within a mile of each other!) and it never gets any less annoying.

Right now, though, I’m not annoyed. There’s a construction project going on down the street and it’s knocked out our Internet connection. Our Internet has been down since ten this morning, which means that Wes and I can’t work. Oh, how we’re gnashing our teeth about that!

He’s downstairs playing Mario Galaxy on his Wii, and I’m going to go read a book. I’m writing this on Word and when the Internet’s back I’ll transfer this post over. I’ve done all the work I can, and now I’m going to relax. It’s such a pity that the Internet is down, truly. We’re both very much mourning the loss around here…

Tomorrow though, Comcast willing, I’ll share with you my thoughts on The Godfather: Part I, which Wes and I are watching. Word on the street is that it’s kind of a big deal, so I’m excited to finish it so that I, too, can be culturally relevant.

2 thoughts on “On This, the Day of My Internet’s Outage

  1. The Godfather is one of the most important movies of all time. If you don’t like it I’m going to have to stop reading your blog. No pressure.

  2. -Hamburglar, thanks for letting me know. I shall take your ominous warning under strict consideration.

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