Operation Vodka Giggles

I have no pictures to show you today because the camera is upstairs and that’s entirely too far for me to travel at this juncture.

The remodel continues apace. The carpet is installed in about 70% of the house and looks beautiful. You can’t help but say “pillowy” when you’re standing on it because that’s exactly how it feels.

Wes and I spent the evening moving our furniture back into the finished rooms (with help from his ever-amazing parents) and we are currently sitting in the kitchen with the puppy. We have availed ourselves to the vodka in the freezer and things are pretty mellow around here.

As soon as I recover from all this madness I promise to post pictures of the post-apocalyptic house we currently inhabit. For now, however, I leave you with this gem from the vaults of Wes’ brilliance:

Doc eats these treats that are called “Bully Sticks” that are made from cow parts (most commonly, bull penis’). I know, I know…Ewwww. He loves them, though, so that’s what we give him. Wes remarked about how one day dogs will all go around shrieking in a very Soylent Green manner, “Bully sticks are penis!”. We commenced to giggle for a solid two minutes straight. You’re welcome and good night.

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