Optimus Prime Mitchell, Anyone?

Why did no one tell me that Transformers are freaking awesome? I finally had the pleasure of meeting Optimus Prime in the new Transformers movie and I am in love.

Wes and I watched the movie on Friday and I just enjoyed the heck out of every minute of it. The movie itself was fun (though I’m still not sold on Shia LeBoeuf. He seems to play the same spluttery, spastic, slightly annoying kid in every movie. Though he does do “awkward teenager” well. That’s probably because he is one. OK, moving on…) but it was the Transformers themselves I was so intrigued by.

Much like with the movie Superman Returns, I ended up nudging Wes every few seconds to inquire as to the purpose of one thing or another and that was half the fun for me. It’s like all the childhood stories, Superman, Batman, Transformers, Iron Man, etc. are mythologies and it’s fascinating for me to learn about them. Wes, based on his extensive childhood experiences with these characters, is an excellent resource for me when I have questions during these movies.

I do wish I had known about Transformers as a kid, though. They’re just so cool, hiding in plain sight and then changing into these larger-than-life machinated wonders, and I think my childhood would have been wildly influenced by them. To be honest, my adulthood has been influenced. Just today, I was driving down the freeway and noticed that I was being followed by a large semi truck. I immediately conjured up an incredible scene wherein this truck (a Decepticon) waged an eipc battle with the Honda Civic next to me (an Autobot) and I was able to escape unscathed because my Kia is secretly an Autobot. It was fun and kept me entertained for about seven minutes..

Wes is a tad concerned about my newfound adoration for Transformers, however, because we may or may not have had a serious discussion about naming our firstborn child Optimus Prime. In this discussion, which may or may not have happened, it’s possible that I argued that Optimus would be the best name ever and Wes may have countered by saying that that name was apt to be the cause of much playground humiliation for said child.

This theoretical argument may be continuing unresolved to this day. Were this a real argument, where would you stand? Is Optimus Prime an acceptable name for a youngster?

2 thoughts on “Optimus Prime Mitchell, Anyone?

  1. Oh yes, humiliation builds character and provides good material for a tell-all memoir later. Optimus Prime is pretty likely to get your kid’s arse handed to him on the playground so by all means, name away!

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