Our Lights Delight!

Just in case you were wondering where our staircase is…
I have helpfully outlined it for you in HOLIDAY CHEER!

Perhaps you are confused as to why I am so unshakably excited about the presence of holiday lights in my home. Allow me to elaborate: This is the first time Wes and I have decorated our house to celebrate the holiday season.

I know, it’s shameful, really. Nearly three years of marriage and nary a single Christmas decoration, we must be Scrooges, right? Wrong! We’re frugal, which means we have simply been waiting for someone to get tired of their Christmas decorations so we could helpfully volunteer to give them a new home.

One of the ladies at work is converting to LED Christmas lights and so is clearing her house and garage of her old-fashioned ones. Wes and I gladly took three strings of lights off her hands and this is what we’ve chosen to do with them.

It’s frightfully cheery, no? I’m not exactly a whiz at decorating things (this is why I have such a great mother-in-law and sister-in-law) but I’m pretty sure this looks nice. Wes certainly seemed to think so and, as he’s the only one who lives here and reads this blog, I’d say that’s good enough.

We haven’t let Doc in yet to inspect our handiwork, though. I’m assuming his initial reaction will be to try to eat them and, when he learns that this is not allowed, he’ll react by steadfastly ignoring them until he thinks we aren’t watching, and then he’ll attempt to play with them.

We still haven’t worked up the nerve to get a Christmas tree yet. We’re not huge on gift-giving, so it seems a bit silly to get a nicely dressed-up tree in order to put absolutely nothing under it. When we have kids we’ll definitely rock the indoor foliage but for now we’re content with our lights.

With a staircase this pretty, wouldn’t you be?

4 thoughts on “Our Lights Delight!

  1. Hey, I read your blog! I have yet to decorate our apartment, but was thinking about doing it tomorrow. As for the tree, that will probably come next week. I hate it when Christmas comes too early. This year they had Christmas stuff out before Halloween in most stores. Arg!

  2. -Del, I know you read my blog! But, since Wes reads the blog AND lives here his vote counts heaviest in terms of decor, I’m afraid. I think the premature Christmas decorations are annoying too. I like to take my holidays one at a time, not be force-fed them, you know?

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