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You know you’re totally screwed when you sit down to blog and start thinking of what to write about and the best you can come up with is how the dishwasher sounds like the interior of someone’s stomach. I’m definitely scraping the bottom of the idea barrel today, folks.

I could, for instance, write about how a customer at work today called me Darth Vader, or about how my dog’s breath smells so bad that when he yawns in the next room I can smell it. I could even go so far as to pimp my latest blog post over at Bottle Your Blog.

I wrote about tips for throwing an excellent Superbowl party and I kid you not, it was the easiest post I’ve ever written. The sucker practically wrote itself! The only problem is that now I really want it to be the Superbowl, but it’s not, so my mind is all dressed up for a party that no one’s throwing (yet).

As you can see, this is absolutely abysmal material to work with. Instead of boring you with the pointless minutiae of my day, I’ll share with you what is perhaps the stand-alone highlight of my day, silly as it may be: coming up with potential street names for the street Wes and I will live on someday.

It all started when I shipped something to a lady living on Numenor (It’s from the Lord of the Rings, in case you’re wondering) Drive. I sent Wes a message saying that was pretty cool. He then informed me that a friend of his develops condos and has a lot of fun naming them after obscure Star Wars characters.

That really got us going, so we bandied about a few options for what we would name our street if we had the ability:

  • Boba Fett Boulevard
  • Endor Avenue
  • Tatooine Terrace
  • Calrissian Court

Our favorite, however, was definitely this: Antilles Avenue, named for Luke’s buddy Wedge Antilles (a.k.a. The best X-Wing pilot in this particular star system).

If you had the opportunity to name a street/avenue/boulevard/driveway/parkway, what would you go with?

4 thoughts on “Our Own Little Patch of Geek-dom

  1. Wait just a darn tootin’ minute! You got called Darth Vader today too?? So did I!! Weird….

  2. -Del, Whoa. The deal with this instance is that a guy called my work and, when I picked up, we had a bad connection and he said I sounded exactly like Darth Vader. It was a very Star Wars day…

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