Our Weekend Was a Wonderland

Here are some pictures from our weekend to enjoy over your Monday morning (afternoon? evening?) beverage of choice…
This is a really common sight in our home: Wes and Doc practicing “passive restraint”. Wes holds Doc on his back until Doc calms down and relaxes completely. It really helps when we take Doc to the vet because he’s used to being restrained. I’m not saying he likes it but at least with practice it’s not torture. I think Wes likes doing the passive restraint, though, if only because holding Doc is like holding a huge, warm, fuzzy teddy bear that licks your face.

This, as promised, is a picture of Doc at the dog park. At this point, he’s just approached the water. He’s contemplating whether or not to go into the freezing water. He’s pretty sure the other dogs (that’s who he’s looking at) are having fun, he’s just not sure he wants anything to do with it.
Obviously, this is a picture of Doc retrieving a tennis ball from the watery depths. You can’t get a feel of it from this picture, but that’s the fierce gleam of satisfaction you see in his eyes that can only come from a retriever doing some retrieving.
Here’s another picture of him retrieving. I included it because I really like the way his fur looks underwater. After he got tired from all the swimming and hypothermia he went and antagonized some much larger dogs. He had a lot of fun barking at a Great Dane. The great huge beast just looked at Doc as if to say, “Honey, please”. Doc, never one to master the art of subtlety, just kept barking. He even tried to climb onto the dog’s back, which was hilarious. One of these days Doc is going to learn that he’s much smaller than he feels he ought to be.

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