Hellooooooo!  I’m on vacation, and the weather is lovely, and I’M IN PAIN.

I didn’t want to lose my working out momentum, so we’ve been taking advantage of the fitness classes offered here at the resort complex.  We did tennis the first day (such fun!), and yoga the next day (stretchy and sore but still fun).  Today though?  Today we did the Total Body Sculpt (aka: Total Body Torture).

I mean, doesn’t total body sculpt sound like you just lie there while someone carves you into a hot statue?  I’d love to lie down while some sculptor guy makes me look like Jessica Alba.

Everything on my body hurts.  I will be physically incapable of dressing myself come morning.  So, I’m going to dull my pain with more shortcake and drown my sorrows in decaf coffee.  Doing an hour of sadistic muscle torture totally burns off a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, shortcake, a Long Island Iced Tea, and cheeseburger, yes?


2 thoughts on “OW

  1. -Blanche, It totally is! Having so much fun. I doubt I’ll feel better until I stop moving around so darn much, but I sure am enjoying myself.

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