Pas de Deux?

Sometimes I think life should be one big giant ballet (but without the tights for the guys). No one would ever talk and we’d all communicate using gestures and posture. The added bonus being, if you didn’t like what someone was saying you could just do that graceful ballet-run away from them and it wouldn’t be rude, just dramatic.

Whenever I get upset (just a rough day at work, nothing to be concerned about) I like to watch ballet, it’s very soothing. There’s no miscommunication, just grace and music and pretty sparkly outfits!

I’m currently watching the pas de deux between Romeo and Juliet from, you guessed it, “Romeo and Juliet”, and it’s all so simple. Two teenagers, communicating solely through longing glances and grandiose gestures, and it’s all love all the time. It’s gorgeous and very relaxing.

Then again, if we all just communicated through gestures there would be a lot of room for misinterpretation, huh? I can just see it now…the guys comes in the front door holding a pork tenderloin and the wife grabs her purse and ballet-runs right out the door. Turns out she was telling him she was pregnant and he thought she just wanted him to grab dinner and now she’s mad because she’d been hoping to raise the baby Jewish.

This is all very silly of course and purely hypothetical. If I know anything, though, it’s that in a world that’s just one great big ballet you’d need belts. If there’s one thing no one needs to see it’s men leaping in the air while wearing jeans without belts.

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