Pleased to Meet You

Sometimes you start a blog post and get a few paragraphs into the thing before you realize it’s all crap and start over again. That happened just now, but you’d never know it because a blog is very unlike a white board.

I apologize for rambling, I’m just a tad nervous. You see, I’m heading out to a writer’s conference on Thursday to rubs elbows and mingle with whole heaping bunches of other Pacific Northwest authors. I’ll be in seminars all day every day for three days, pretty much just coming home to shower and sleep.

It’s going to be…A lot of work, but hopefully worthwhile. I’m hoping to make some new friends, learn some new tricks and skills, and maybe (just maybe) avoid doing anything I can gleefully blog about afterward (meaning, I hope to avoid making a total donkey of myself).

For now, my whole job is to work on my pitch and find a place to get some business cards printed. I think networking will go a lot easier if I have some nifty business cards printed up. Here are some designs I’m thinking:

  • Unicorn and a kitten hugging in the background of the card, with my name written in swooping font. Nothing says “Blurb my book someday” like a unicorn hugging a kitten.
  • Black background with slate gray writing. Because dark colors = serious author.
  • A white card with just my name and nothing else, ala Daniel Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven. It wouldn’t be spectacularly helpful, but it would be pretty cool.

How about you? Got any business card or networking tips for me?

2 thoughts on “Pleased to Meet You

  1. I recommend a subtle off-white coloring, with a tasteful thickness to it, and even a watermark.

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