Possibly Corrupted by Critters

I’m trying to be healthy.  Well, trying harder than I have before, which is actually saying something seeing as how arguably half of our weekly groceries consist of fruits and veggies.  Still, though, I’m putting forth a little extra effort.

For example, I’m trying to get some walks in at work in an effort to stave off that logy feeling that accumulates from staring at a computer monitor the grand majority of the day.  My favorite place to go walking is down the street where I can smell the food from the different restaurants nearby and browse the wares of the local PCC.  I never buy anything, but I do love to browse and stroll.

Today, I found myself craving an apple with a fierceness I normally reserve for baked goods and créme brûlée.  Not wanting to miss out on this craving for something so healthy, and mentally kicking myself for forgetting my perfectly good apple at home, I grabbed my wallet and phone and set off for a quick walk down to PCC to procure one shiny red(ish) apple.

If you’ve never been inside a PCC, it’s a natural foods store.  Everything in the store is in earth tones (think an overturned vat of urban camoflage paint) and also extraordinarily expensive.  I picked out an organic (of course! Because it wouldn’t be a very good natural foods store if the produce weren’t organic!) Fuji apple, paid an exorbitant sum for it, and walked back to the office.  Cradling that apple in my hands, I felt good.  The world was a healthy place.  I was walking with a healthy snack and the wind was blowing and my mouth was watering to think of the sweet juiciness in store for me once I returned to the office.

Little did I know that the organic apple would turn out to be in dire need of pesticides.  I cut it open at work and found the inside to be brown, and bruised, and what may have been a home for an industrious worm.  Ack!

What a fitting end to my healthy little adventure.  I hopped in my car, drove to the store, and exchanged the apple with no fuss.  The new apple was delicious but I couldn’t help but be struck by the irony of walking to a natural food store to buy a pest-ridden organic apple only to have to get in my car and drive back to exchange it.  It just seems like something went horribly wrong there, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Possibly Corrupted by Critters

  1. -Blanche, Seriously! I have the worst luck with natural markets. Maybe I’m just destined to be a pesticides kinda girl.

  2. -Belly Girl, I know, what a freak, right? Especially when you take into consideration that there was a pan of brownies in the break room and I chose an apple over a brownie…Of my own volition…There’s clearly a disturbance in the force.

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